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One-third of people in Europe say they don't feel European

The European Union was built on the principle of an “ever closer union” between its members. But not everyone who lives in the EU today is feeling the closeness. 150 more words

As Europe's leaders dither, public opinion is hardening against Russia

Following the usual script, EU officials yesterday threatened harsher sanctions against Russia but put off substantial action to a later date. In other words, the hawks—including Poland and the UK—could not convince the doves—including France and Italy—to stiffen the penalties against Russia for its perceived role in sowing unrest in eastern Ukraine. 297 more words

The Malaysian Airlines crash will force the EU to either unite against Russia or admit it is hopelessly divided

Amid claims and counterclaims about who is responsible for the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane in eastern Ukraine, the calls for the EU to punish Russia more forcefully for its perceived role in the disaster are growing louder. 715 more words

Embarrassment for UKIP as hypocrisy is exposed in the local press

Everybody loves a good political debate in the letter page of the local paper, right? Everybody but UKIP, it seems.

In the recent European Parliament election, the party of right-wing anti-Europeanism won more votes than anyone else here in Powys. 724 more words


With new Russia sanctions, the US has to tell Americans to stop buying Kalashnikov rifles

The US government today announced new sanctions against Russia after concluding it was still supporting militias fighting against Ukraine’s government with arms and personnel.

The… 293 more words

Trade between Europe and Russia is dwindling, even without more sanctions

European leaders are meeting in Brussels today, and broader, harsher sanctions against Russia are on the agenda.

Whatever they decide to do, trade between Russia and the EU was already on the wane, even before the crisis in Ukraine stoked tensions between Moscow and the West. 238 more words