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EVSE Manufacturers and Networks Infographic

The rising demand for EVs in the United States and the metro Atlanta area is driving a necessary expansion in EV supply equipment (EVSE), or “charging stations… 50 more words

EV Charging Stations

Workplace Charging in the Garden State Courtesy of PSEG

Charging your electric vehicle at work in New Jersey just got a little easier thanks to a WorkPlace Charging program sponsored by PSEG. PSEG… 215 more words

EV Charging Stations

Check out our Electric Vehicle Resources Page!

The world of electric vehicles can be overwhelming. We’ve got a Resources page dedicated helping you quickly and easily learn more about EVs and ownership in… 44 more words

Electric Vehicles

Do Hybrid Electric Vehicle do more than save money at the gas pump?

Written by Daniel S. Cohen, Contributor

By design, Hybrids (including plug-in Hybrids or PHEVs) emit lower levels of carbon dioxide than traditional gasoline powered cars… 244 more words

EV Charging Stations

The ABCs of EVs

Confused by all of the electric vehicle-related acronyms used by advocates, policymakers, and businessmen? Check out this post to learn what is meant by BEV, PHEV, HEV, AFV, ZEV, EREV and other short-hand jargons.  Read More

Electric Vehicles

Can TESLA Fail?

Elon Musk has been doing things differently. Two weeks ago he announced that the company’s patents can be used by any one for free. That’s like Red Hat Linux or Apache Software Foundation wanting to spread the adoption of the technology. 770 more words


Ford is the #2 EV Manufacturer due to the Fusion Energi, as We Predicted

Automakers released their June sales numbers yesterday and today. These numbers, reported in a convenient format by Insideevs.com, are quite encouraging for the U.S. 58 more words

EV Charging Stations