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Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

Every one in sin city is a right old rotter, even the heroes are thugs, gamblers and hobags. In Sin City: A Dame To Kill For watch them as they hit each other until their eyes literally fall out, have sexy time (we see the boobies) and dialogue we haven’t heard delivered this bad since Halle Berry talked about lightning and toads. 292 more words


MOVIE REVIEW | Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

“Death is just like life in Sin City. It always wins.”

Nine years ago, director Robert Rodriguez did what Robert Rodriguez does best.  He took a super schlocky, super B grade, super exploitationy all story, and he turned into ground breaking, rule breaking cool that didn’t just ignore its lack of substance, it embraced it. 486 more words

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

I liked the first Sin City film. I enjoyed the comic book feel, the violence, alcohol, smoking and sex were all in keeping with the story and it was original. 193 more words


Sunday Link-Off: Power Trip

I know that no one is particularly concerned with my personal problems but I got some weird cold or flu this week. Friday, I couldn’t eat a damn thing. 360 more words


Fatale Attraction: Sin City - A Dame To Kill For

My preview piece of the second Sin City movie. Cover feature from Starburst issue 404.

Last time they gave us Elijah Wood as a cannibal, a bright yellow serial killer and Mickey Rourke killing a hell of a lot of people. 2,395 more words