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Addendum on a Fundraiser: Moskowitz and the Company She Keeps

Last April Eva Moskowitz, founder and CEO of the publically funded, privately run Success Academy Charter School would-be-empire, held a fundraiser that, thanks to the very, very rich and infamous, garnered over seven million dollars in one garish evening. 254 more words

American Insanity

New York Gubernatorial Election 2014 - When The Other Guy Winning Isn't The Worst Thing I Can Think Of

Barring some titanic shift in the likely voting population in the next 15 days, Governor Andrew Cuomo will be reelected to a second term in office.  2,558 more words


State Board Approves 17 New NYC Charter Schools

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – A charter school panel has approved 17 new charter schools for New York City including 14 new Success Academy schools.

Wednesday’s action by a committee of the State University of New York’s board of trustees will allow the Success Academy chain to grow to 50 schools by 2016. 235 more words


Eva Moskowitz: The Frequency of Hypocrisy

Drivel rights activist Eva Moskowitz really needs to figure out which wavelength of the EM spectrum she is promoting. On one side of her spectrum are the “143,000 students” failing in public schools whom she is ostensibly poised to save as she pilfers our tax funds and lines her deep pockets. 111 more words

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Success Academy's Incredible Hypocrisy

Eva Moskowitz wants to continue to expand her Success Academy chain of “no excuses” charter schools, but is concerned that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio will not automatically and enthusiastically endorse her plans as was customary under Mayor Michael Bloomberg.  1,453 more words


The Moral Perversity of Today's Education "Reform"

The narrative of school failure that fuels today’s reform policies in education stretches back to the 1983 Reagan administration report, “A Nation at Risk.”  That document asserted that our national education system was so woefully inadequate to the task of educating for the future, that if it had been imposed upon us it “might be considered an act of war.”  The dire warnings have hardly abated, and in 2014, we are frequently told that our children and economy are in danger unless we fully embrace the vision of today’s reformers.  2,393 more words