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** Flashback** 

Eva:Your guy has a tab, honey. Just gimme a wave if you need anything” Take a seat why don’t you…. 2,158 more words


Virginia's eVA Program Garners Yet Another Industry Award by Jon Hansen

“Virginia took home the honor of Gold Cronin Award winner with their submission eVA Mobile Apps. eVA Mobile Apps – eVA Mobile 4 Business and eVA Mobile 4 Approvers – empowers users by bringing the bidding process to their fingertips and allows approvers to have real-time access to requisitions.

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CECUIT CERITA 140 KARAKTER @PengendaraAngin (#35-#51)

#Cerita51:SKIZOPRENIA. Eva gemetar lihat Manon dalam ujud Brad Pitt, bersuara bebek dan gerak tubuh pemain pantomim. “Di manakah Manonku?” 307 more words

Cecuit @PengendaraAngin

CECUIT CERITA 140 KARAKTER @PengendaraAngin (#18-#34)

#Cerita34:BIDAK. Manon dan dua calon presiden ngopi dan tertawa bersama. Riuh perkelahian dua pendukung mereka terdengar sayup saja. 329 more words

Cecuit @PengendaraAngin

CECUIT CERITA 140 KARAKTER @PengendaraAngin (#1-#17)

#Cerita17:CINTA7. “Kopi, dong,” kata Manon. Eva senyum, buka jendela dan pohon kopi telah berbunga. “Andai ada luwak melintas…,” ujarnya. 328 more words

Cecuit @PengendaraAngin

Livejournal, Xanga, and a new headboard

Sept 14th: When did you start blogging and why?

Sundays are not so still. I meet with my church family and it is jam packed with sweet fellowship. 884 more words



September 15, 2014

800M run

30 32kg Kettlebell

30 Pullups

In round 4, left hand had ripped skin (used a non-polished pull up bar which may have impacted this).  52 more words