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What are the flood concerns across Canada?

Watch above: There was a temporary reprieve for some communities in Quebec and New Brunswick, but in Ontario floodwaters have continued to rise. Christina Stevens reports. 657 more words


Oakland Partly Emptied After Fuel Mishap

OAKLAND, Md. (AP) — A tanker truck carrying 10,000 gallons of propane overturned on a sharp curve in Oakland’s downtown business district Wednesday morning, prompting evacuation of about half the town, including 45 jail inmates, as a precaution, a county official said. 161 more words


Delta Evacuates Jet in Atlanta due to Cabin Smoke

ATLANTA (AP) – Passengers were evacuated from a domestic Delta Air Lines flight Tuesday after a “smoky odor” was detected in the cockpit and main cabin due to what was later determined to be a burned-out fan. 101 more words


Meth lab brings bomb squad, forces evacuations

Elderly residents evacuated from Hudson apartment complex

MetroWest Daily News

HUDSON, Mass. — Over 100 elderly residents were evacuated from their apartments and two people were arrested as the result of a hazardous materials  incident involving a meth lab in Hudson Sunday night. 132 more words


Gas leak forces evacuations in Springville

SPRINGVILLE, Utah — A gas leak in Springville early Friday morning prompted officials to ask several residents to evacuate their homes.

The leak was first reported shortly after 5:00 near 50 N 400 W. 69 more words


Thousands evacuated after severe flooding

Up to 3,000 people have been evacuated from their homes after heavy rain caused flooding in seven provinces across Argentina.

In the worst hit province of Neuquén, in north western Patagonia, 118 millimetres of rain, close to the average annual rainfall for the region, fell in just 24 hours. 76 more words


ActivistPost - Heather Callaghan - Peru Volcano Rumbles To Life, Evacuations - 3 April 2014

By now, news has reached every end of the globe of the 8.2 magnitude earthquake in northern Chile last night (North American time). Chilean coastal cities were on tsunami alert, as there was detection of an ocean wave generated – but those warnings have now… 46 more words