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What Makes a Leader?

It was Daniel Goleman who first brought the term “emotional intelligence” to a wide audience with his 1995 book of that name, and it was Goleman who first applied the concept to business with his 1998 HBR article, reprinted here. 776 more words

Centro Core

Christmas Advertising Advice

As we get nearer to the holiday season, most businesses will see an uptick in the number of ‘opportunities’ suddenly available to advertise. With professional marketing advice often to expensive to consider, it often falls back on trusting the Sales Rep. 482 more words


"If you can anticipate the future, then..."

I believe it was Paul Allaire, former chairman of Xerox who said, “if you can anticipate the future, you can also help shape it”.

That sounds wise. 62 more words


The pathway of contemplative thought

Lyrics of the day: If I could trust, don’t you think that I’d let you touch me?

My featuring image was taken by yours truly on a particularly nice day last week. 513 more words


The Hows and Whys of Cupping Coffee at Home

To the average coffee drinker, cupping coffee is something that looks like something only hoity toity highbrow coffee cognoscenti would do, but it’s really not and it’s something easy and worthwhile to do at home. 93 more words


SME Planning for 2015

For many small and medium businesses having a long term marketing strategy is not always realistic. Aside from the time and expertise required, it can be a daunting proposition which almost always loses out to the needs of your day to day business. 598 more words


(Q4) Business Model Environment

Hello everyone!

The Artifex entrepreneurial team and me have recently completed an assessment of our business model’s environment.

There was definitely some interesting dynamics regarding our organization’s context, and some challenges externally we will face. 504 more words