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SME Planning for 2015

For many small and medium businesses having a long term marketing strategy is not always realistic. Aside from the time and expertise required, it can be a daunting proposition which almost always loses out to the needs of your day to day business. 598 more words


(Q4) Business Model Environment

Hello everyone!

The Artifex entrepreneurial team and me have recently completed an assessment of our business model’s environment.

There was definitely some interesting dynamics regarding our organization’s context, and some challenges externally we will face. 504 more words


Can you trust it?

Year 9 came into the Library today for a session on trusting sources when researching.

I began with a video of a clam eating salt from a table. 282 more words


For our project it was our duty to create a 2-minute short film, while making our short film my role was to be the actress and sound editor. 435 more words


Evaluating Friendships

I remember promising my best friend in eighth grade that she would be in my wedding. I haven’t spoken a word to her since I was fifteen.   625 more words


A Questionnaire about Horror


  • What gender are you?

Male       Female      other

  • What class are you?

Lower      working           middle         upper

  • What sexuality are you

Strait         gay         bi            other


(Q3) The Artifex Practice Pitch

Hello everyone!

Yesterday my entrepreneurship group and I made our practice pitch to the class, regarding our graphic designer platform, Artifex.

In regards to the practice pitch, I wanted to address the following question posed to me: 805 more words