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Evaluation of our short film

We started the project of by making storyboards and a synopsis of what was going to happen, we tied them all together to get a final outcome. 246 more words


Year FOUR, here we come!

It has been an incredible ride. Here we find ourselves at the start of year #4 of the grand 1-to-1 experiment with iPads at our school. 402 more words

Assessing New Ideas and Opportunities

Ensuring an effectively used marketing budget means being able to quickly assess a new idea or opportunity. This is true not just for the people making the final call, but also for the first point of contact. 373 more words

SWOT - Analysis

Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWOT_analysis

SWOT-Analysis is a method of evaluating products and business ventures on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Although SWOT-Analysis can also be carried out on a person. 215 more words


Bloom's: the slipperiness of soft skills doesn't make them higher order

One of the best things about taking cover lessons outside of your subject area is that you often come away having learned something new. In my particular experience,  Geography is the lesson I usually come away from loaded with bags of new knowledge, having bugged the kids with questions for the best part of the hour. 777 more words


Using Non-Linear PowerPoint Presentations to Enhance Instruction

Part video game, part case study, and a lot like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, non-linear PowerPoint presentations are a powerful instructional tool.

Non-linear PowerPoint presentations allow progression through the slides in an order determined by the person watching. 289 more words

Tech Spotlight

(Q1) Interpretation of the Business Model Canvas

The concept of a business model canvas is extremely useful for companies big and small, tall and wide.

Companies from Apple to a child’s lemonade stand can be represented by a business model canvas. 762 more words