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1) test against the specifications 

- show the specifications

- the theme must be always on the move, always online

2) yes/no answers (table) 

3) provide evidence  76 more words


Evaluating Websites

Reham and me chose this website to evaluate which is Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab      http://www.esl-lab.com/.  464 more words

Evaluating Websites


This website has accurate documents. Randall Davis is the writer of the page. Also, he is qualified to write this document.  We can contact him by his personal email, Facebook, and twitter. 265 more words


Who Are You? Who, Who, Who Who?

A magnifying glass is hovering over three fingerprints

License: CC0 Public Domain; Free for commercial use / No attribution required

Was it just me… 435 more words


Resources: Evaluating Product Ideas

At Practical Startup, we have a process of developing and evaluating new business ideas. This is the second in a series of two posts on this process. 939 more words


Preliminary Task Shot by Shot Analysis

The begging scene starts out with a long shot that pans round to follow the ‘lone gangster’ walking to the door of the library. The long shot gives you the chance to see the characters outfit so starts you off with a narrative enigma of who this person could be. 195 more words



So I thought given that I’m inspired at the moment that I would have a period to reflect on my journey so far…like anyone I’ve lost my way over the course of this journey but thankfully found myself back on track…not sure if that was by luck or judgement but I’ll take it that I just got back. 767 more words