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A Baptismal Epiphany (or, Why Pedo-baptism is Really the Purest Form of Credo-baptism)

If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time, you know I’ve struggled long and hard with the meaning of baptism.  I grew up in a staunchly  975 more words


Driscoll Seems Sincere. Fundamentalism Must Go: A brief reflection on (reaction to) Pastor Mark's Message

I never thought I’d have something nice to say about Mark Driscoll, nor have I ever been particularly interested in anything that he has done as a fundamentalist pastor. 747 more words


Michael Brown, Ferguson, and the Church Risking Irrelevance to the Gospel

Many evangelical Christian writers have responded to Michael Brown’s death at the hands of a police officer and the subsequent protests and civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. 1,325 more words

Christian Theology

Watchman Nee and The Normal Christian Life (p1)

Background on Watchman Nee’s Controversial Theology:

  • Mysticism: Nee was deeply influenced by Madam Guyon’s search for the “deep union with Christ.”[1]

My First (and Last) Christian Puppet Show.

When I was about seven our mom accidentally took us to a evangelical puppet show.  It was put on by the church at the top of town… 1,286 more words

Current Conditions

Evangelicalism, the Fad

It has been my habit lately to make declarative statements as a sort of “shock” and then proceed to elucidate on my topic. I do this, not to upset my readers as an ends, but to bring them to a sort of mirror which they would not approach or perhaps if they did approach it, see nothing in it. 1,083 more words