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The Footsteps of Doom

Studying history is a unique experience.  While sometimes it is an exercise in discovery and exploration, at other moments it is more akin to reading a Shakespearean tragedy or watching a slow motion car crash. 440 more words

God's not in a hurry - the age of the earth explained

I’m not a scientist. I need science to be explained very simply to me.

This video by BioLogos on the age of the earth does just that.


Watchman Nee and the Normal Christian Life (p2)

Nee’s Theological Strengths

  • Christocentric: “Moreover, Nee’s emphasis on Christ offers fresh hope, strength and vitality to Chinese Christians who live under difficult circumstances. It continually rejuvenates their strength that they might be able to carry on their Christian responsibility in the midst of a hostile environment.”
  • 371 more words

A Tale of Two Churches. Or Three. Or Four? Reflections on #wiki14 and the Sale of the Crystal Cathedral

The giant had finally fallen! The Goliath of Dr. Robert Schuller had finally succumbed to the smooth stone of the Faithful Church of Christ on Earth and bit the dust. 810 more words

American Lutheranism

"Hidalgo" and the search for Frank Hopkins

For those who may remember the film Hidalgo and wonder about its historicity, here’s an “old” article by Juti Winchester of the Buffalo Bill Center on that topic:  10 more words


John 8:32 on campus

I was in my office on campus today (yes, on a Saturday), grading papers. At one point I looked out my window at an arch that cuts through my building. 409 more words

John-Charles Duffy

The Myth of White-Evangelical Persucution

White evangelical Christians in American believe they are persecuted, and they are not. This is a dangerous myth; it is dangerous because it distorts both faith and politics in our country. 694 more words