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The Walking Dead

Since it’s Easter, I have some open questions for my evangelical Christian friends about a puzzling passage from Matthew 27:45-54. Here it is in context: 745 more words


The 90s Project Reconsidered

When I started this blog, it was simply a fun exercise that resulted from minimal exposure to grunge and a few seasons of Seinfeld. Since that time, I bought a domain name, developed a regular rotation of posts, and dug deeper into the 90s than I ever thought I would-with much more still to be explored. 1,455 more words


When Jesus doesn't know his doctrine.

We’re a strange breed, us evangelicals. 

(I feel like most of my posts could start with that line, but I don’t think I’ve used it yet, so I’ll take it this time.) 930 more words


David Cameron thinks it's a good idea, but what does it mean to be evangelical, anyway? A good question for Good Friday

Unlike his predecessor once removed, Tony Blair, David Cameron has decided that he does indeed ‘do God.’ One of the big news stories this week has been the reporting of… 747 more words


“The first and foremost trouble under this heading is to be concerned about the person, rather than with the person himself. The trouble with the people who were not orthodox was that they were wrong in their doctrines about God and about the Lord Jesus Christ and about the Holy Spirit.

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Kingdom Quotes

Michael Bloomberg's Conservative Christian Connection

Michael Bloomberg isn’t usually associated with being in lock-step with the majority of the conservative Christian voting block.  At least, not to my understanding.  But in a recent interview, Michael Bloomberg made a statement I found interesting in two different ways.  716 more words

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