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Do the Rich Get to Heaven? Dave Ramsey Says Yes.

“When you start putting limits on the power of the cross and limits on the power of grace that is extended to us from the Father through the son, based on someone’s wealth, then that’s Gnosticism – the worship of spirit versus materialism versus the worship orthodoxy,” …

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Why Evangelical Tribalism Harms the Gospel

“My fear is that the decline of denominations, and the commercialisation of Christianity and the emergence of celebrity personality culture, have resulted in an increased atomisation of the evangelical world.” 89 more words


Christians and The Bigger Christianity

As Christianity has grown and infiltrated America, there has been a desire to keep our popular communications restricted to select topics that the Bible addresses. 882 more words


Hello, Wheaton!

Rolled into sunny Wheaton, Illinois last night to start my research at the fabled Billy Graham Center Archives. Located on the campus of Wheaton College… 452 more words

Higher (Power) Education

Renewing Episcopal Identity

The diocese in which I live (Pittsburgh) was recently visited by Dwight Zscheile, author of People of the Way: Renewing Episcopal Identity. In the book, Zscheile describes our ‘establishment’ past and its legacy, and urges us to put it out of our minds and seek a new way of being the church. 3,159 more words


Meanwhile, over in Evangelical Land

I heard yesterday that the fasting-rising choice for a Halloween costume is a hazmat protection suit that those ministering to Ebola patients wear.  So, if somebody shows up at your door Halloween night wearing one, don’t panic, you are probably not being quarantined. 727 more words