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Back to the Mission Field

I love retreats. It’s an amazing time to forget about all the little things that don’t matter and redouble our focus on what does matter. As great as retreats are, however, the Christian community there is beneficial only if it is temporary. 444 more words


Sunday Twitter Tweets

Personally, I enjoy Twitter much more than Facebook. Nobody’s inviting me to play Farmville for the 2,878,734th time. J Yesterday, there were several tweets that caught my attention, and I want to share them with you. 128 more words

Christian Living

The lost don't feel lost at all.

You know when sometimes you have experiences, and then later you realize how much that experience comes in handy as a teaching illustration? This was one of those times. 616 more words


The "Is Ebola God's Judgement" Debate

Social Media is abuzz with the Ebola virus. News clips… Conspiracies theories… Fear… Rants and Raves… Fingers pointed at government and hospital officials… Demands for closing our borders and shutting down flights (of which I admittedly support) …and of course the cries back and forth about this being a judgement from God… but I haven’t seen a lot of what I would call a “Christian” response. 864 more words


We Need More Scoring Chances

I was listening to a local sports talk show the other day. They were analyzing what happened for the Calgary Flames in the last game. One commentator said, ” They didn’t have enough scoring chances.” I had been thinking about how few new believers we have had in our little church in the last couple of years, and so I immediately thought about how this fits with our desire to have our friends come to know Jesus. 317 more words

Community Involvement

Mighty To Save, Pt. 2

My heart breaks for the many youth in our culture who are lost.  Some have grown up in the church and been drawn away by the… 508 more words