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July in Review

The Site

No major upsets on the site this month, just the usual measure of gripes about little things.

In a behind-the-scenes change, WordPress.com updated the editor so that it is no longer a window the a scroll bar within a page with a scroll bar.  1,461 more words


Behind Enemy Lines - Part 1

Well, so this is Part 1 of my current adventure.  Bob only knows if there ever will be a Part 2, it depends on many things, most of them have guns. 2,164 more words

EVE Online


I hit 150M Skill Points on my main at 2am local time tomorrow morning. That seems a milestone worth acknowledging, although I won’t bother staying up to see it tick over… 149 more words

EVE Online

Out with the Old; In with the New - I Hope

Last Friday CCP announced Andie Nordgren, known to EVE Online players as CCP Seagull, was promoted from Senior Producer to Executive Producer of EVE Online. Congratulations CCP Seagull! 1,393 more words

EVE Online

Progress Report - July 2014

Ultimate objective:

Become a great PvPer (mainly solo combat)

This time I won’t analyse the killboard, there isn’t much to analyse this month. Upon leaving my FW corporation, my PvP activity has accordingly dropped severely. 686 more words

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Of Poetry and Counting

Mike chuckled as he looked to his instacomms (Twitter).  He sent out a message

@Damien_Price_ @noizygamer debating in tweet is like writing haiku. I agree that market can be pvp— …

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