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Saline water

I crossed paths with the noted blogger Wilhelm Arcturus today – of Ancient Gaming Noob fame (http://tagn.wordpress.com/). He responded politely to the greeting in local, but I was distracted by my kids trying to kill each other again. 475 more words

EVE Online

Vermix Appendix (Pathetic Siege)

Being part of a group seemed alright for few days. Group had a secretive setup, telling me where to transport together with some new recruits they had. 596 more words

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September in Review

The Site

What to complain about this month?  Yes, with the coming of a new game, the spam turns to follow.  And so there was an outbreak of… 1,944 more words


Invalid Space

About 34 minutes into the first “o7” – the EVE Online Show, there was a discussion with CCP Greyscale and CCP Nullarbor about Sov Null Sec. 509 more words

EVE Online

Riding the Waves with Oceanus

The next small EVE Online expansion, Oceanus, is set to deploy today/tonight/tomorrow, depending on your time zone.  With one server, it is always happening during somebody’s prime play time, that is for sure.  890 more words


End of the Month Op Success in Low Sec

The back half of September has been somewhat quiet in space.  At least for me.  There is always something going on somewhere, but since the move back to Deklein and Freedom Squad hell camping Mordus Angels back into their station and taking all their towers earlier in the month, there has not been a regular set of foes in space. 1,273 more words