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Week 2 of the Withings Health Mate Steps Counter

Hello there!

So we are at the end of week two for this round of refocused workouts. Boy did I slip up this week. But as I have said before, and I will go on to say again. 313 more words

Weight Loss Journal Entry

Quote of the Day - What Baltec Fleet Really Does

Dreadnoughts were literally a punchline of nullsec jokes until the five-minute siege timer, and now unless in blap mode they scuttle for cover like oversized space-cockroaches​, cap boosters firing wildly, when confronted with bright lights​.

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Sandbox end-game: Why keep playing long-term?

Let’s talk PvP sandbox MMO end-game today.

One of my outstanding questions from the whole Warhammer Online saga is in a perfect world, what was the end-game for that MMO? 377 more words

MMO Design

So Long, Eve-Online

It’s been a fun 2 years, Eve-Online, but I must depart. I also played from 2005-2007, and that was fun as well.

Before I let my two subscriptions run out, I did manage to accumulate three PLEXES (three months of subscription time), should I ever decide to return — but I don’t ever see that happening. 221 more words


You, me & EVE (Part 1)

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss EVE’s player activity slump and the price of fish.  Or was it PLEX? 803 more words

Out Of Character

Walk Without Rhythm, And We Won't Attract The Worm (Part 2)

This is the second half of my EVE Online wormhole adventure. I spent a little time cutting down the number of screenshots to try and tell a complete story without belaboring things too much. 139 more words