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Going Going Gone

Yesterday afternoon was by far the longest time I’ve spent in-game for quite some time. Its been on my mind now for quite many months as to what to decide to do with the Large Research Tower I used for Blueprint Research. 438 more words


She is like a mindreader

I really like this slave, she does things without me even telling her to half the time. It’s like she’s a mindreader.

— Oseki Gogiko

EVE Online

A Quiet Tower Shoot at KDV-DE

There was another chance to shoot things with lasers last night.  Reagalan was leading a fleet into Pure Blind to finish off one of the towers that had previously put into reinforce.  484 more words


And then there will only be two

I’ve cancelled the subscription on one of my three accounts. Over the coming weeks I am going to have to biomass one character and do three transfers so that I end up with my trained pilots across two accounts. 228 more words

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Advert: SponkSponkSponk's Eve-Dust Isk Transfer Service

A corp mate has started a service where players in Eve can transfer isk to players in Dust, or vice versa.

I have used his service in the past in both directions, and it’s been quick and easy (although to be fair, we’re all in AU time zone so it’s a lot easier when you’re able to talk via voice). 23 more words

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Thoughts From the Commander #142

Sometimes the hardest thing about being part of a professional military outfit is to rely on people to behave like adults.

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