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Banahǫgg Spá – 2015-01-28 | 02:38

Operation Banahǫgg Spá After Action Report
2015-01-28 | 02:38

Overview, Goals and Objectives:

  • Switched it up a bit on this trip to Resbroko and flew my Dual Tank Rocket…
  • 508 more words
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New Beginnings - Yes, Again.

Every time I get a chance to sit down and mash the keyboard, which is my version of writing, I realize that I’ve left my notes somewhere else. 906 more words


EVEn MMOre: Issue 2

Welcome to the second blog devoted to my gaming habit in Eve Online. Another week has trickled by and I am learning so much about the game. 1,198 more words

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I’ve been looking at some more fitting options for the Sabre and the fit below I’m naming “Orbweaver”

To fly it as fitted below I’ll either need to skill up… 218 more words

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I am bad bad man...And I love it!

I was going to write about my first frigate dogfight and kill but something just happened that I need to get down.

I scanned my first mission runner in a Gnosis battlecruiser and got him to attack me! 301 more words

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To the few of you out there who have followed or occasionally read what little is posted here, I’m moving the blog! While I’ve chosen to stick with WordPress in the spirit of new adventures and new philosophies I’ll be writing from now on at my new blog: thrakkar.wordpress.com

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