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Goofed... Again

A new war dec has been active for a few days, but I haven’t seen a valid war target on comms much less in space. It has been 5 days since my last kill mail and I’m a bit cranky. 804 more words

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Becuss of Falcon

I’m in Amar empire space not having vacated after the end of the last war dec. Negligee is still in super drake configuration rather than sneaky wormhole Tengu mode and a dozen jumps away from an easy reconfig. 762 more words

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The Rhesus Chart

Hi All,

A good mate of mine somehow or other managed to become one if Charlie Stross’ proofreaders. Some time ago he linked an advanced release of chapter one. 50 more words

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Blink and unfortunately you won’t miss it

For self-preservation I’ve stayed away from the majority of the commentary deluge on Somergate 2014. I caught a couple blogs about the mechanics of it, and read the comments of a couple CSM members, but otherwise I’ve run a mile from the ranting and raving. 140 more words

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Trying to get into space

He was heading for the podbay when the comm stopped him.  He scanned the newsline and started laughing.  It was not his job to have any involvement with the Alliance tournament but the fact that a single group ran out of the competition at the last minute, forfeiting their match was precious.   350 more words

Elusive Stratios

The war continues but, the best I can claim is that I was once in the same system with a target. Hopefully tonight’s efforts will lead to some exchange of missile or gun fire, and checking locator agents does show all three targets that are on coms to be in a system 9 jumps away. 518 more words

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