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Caroline's Star, Appendix: The Theory of Evolution of Theories

THIS IS POST 3 OF 3 IN THIS SERIES. The first contains the bulk of the documentable evidence and the second contains the tinfoil hattery of how I think Caroline’s Star occurred. 1,327 more words

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Caroline's Star, Part 2: Anatomy of a Catastrophe

THIS IS PART TWO OF THREE. In Part 1, I lay out the more firm evidence base the below conclusions are based on. Part 3 (coming tonight) is actually an appendix to the first two (see the * below) that explains the evolution of one of the theories in this document for aspiring tinfoilers. 2,567 more words

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Bróðir Rata

Got out on a Null-Sec roam with some Alliance mates last night. Four of us went out, FC’d by Fifth Dimensinon, with T1 Cruisers and me in a Stilletto. 177 more words

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Traffic and Beetles

Clearing a few short notes from my blog folder.

While this is a niche site with corresponding traffic volumes, I thought other bloggers might find the following half interesting. 392 more words

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EVE-O Preview

Nosy Gamer posted about the EVE-O Preview software earlier today:


I hadn’t heard of the tool before. Its main function is to provide you resizable preview windows of your EVE clients. 285 more words

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Xmas Gifts

CCP has released this year’s Xmas Gifts.


Mostly just fluff, with nice recognition given to some players and events. I hope they will be added to the market shortly. 116 more words

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