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You Get to Decorate the House You Have, Not the House You Might Want

Housing is one of the great line-item features that a lot of people think every MMO should have.  There is a strong desire to have a place to call your own in what tends to be an unchanging and unalterable virtual world.  1,923 more words


Researching Research

Time is POS fuel, so I made the effort this evening to start looking at the new Industry interface.

I began with something I’ve had plenty of experience with – researching BPO. 558 more words

EVE Online

Moon rush, or not

I got the heads up on when the Crius update file was available on Twitter, so I was patched and ready to log in when the servers returned. 388 more words

EVE Online

You, me & EVE (Part 2)

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss the state of gameplay (defined loosely) in EVE and how it relates to player activity. 1,913 more words

Out Of Character

Shoes for Industry - Crius Deployed to New Eden

The first of CCP’s smaller, more frequent expansions went live today in EVE Online.  They call it Crius, which I keep wanting to type as… 755 more words


Week 2 of the Withings Health Mate Steps Counter

Hello there!

So we are at the end of week two for this round of refocused workouts. Boy did I slip up this week. But as I have said before, and I will go on to say again. 313 more words

Weight Loss Journal Entry

Quote of the Day - What Baltec Fleet Really Does

Dreadnoughts were literally a punchline of nullsec jokes until the five-minute siege timer, and now unless in blap mode they scuttle for cover like oversized space-cockroaches​, cap boosters firing wildly, when confronted with bright lights​.

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