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The Perrine Bridge Festival was Awesome

We had so much fun today at the Perrine Bridge Festival. It was a little windy, but, then, this is Idaho. Thanks,  everyone, for stopping by and saying hello!

Bonnie Dodge

All My Own Stunts!

Dear Friends,

There’s nothing more fun than revealing your inner child in a playground. When Manny and I came across this wonderful park in Frankfurt we revisited our childhoods and our imaginations ran riot. 110 more words


Great for shooting Womp Rats in the Snake River Canyon

I found this beat up Kenner X-Wing in our warehouse and, rather than throw it in the trash where the boss would only find it and retrieve it thinking that “someone” “somewhere” is looking for that exact thing and we should be the ones to provide it, I decided to make something out of it. 17 more words

Evel Knievel

Road Trip West: Jumping off Bridges

Twin Falls, ID – Three men knelt on the sidewalk near my car parked near the Snake River Canyon.  Two of them patted backpacks on the ground. 849 more words


Knievel jump anniversary event features book, Skycyle discussions

A discussion about Evel Knievel’s Skycycle and a new children’s book about Knievel’s 1974 jump across the Snake River Canyon will take place Sunday, Sept. 7 at Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 239 Pole Line Road E. 190 more words

Bonnie Dodge

My Thoughts on Raising Evel Knievel

From the time my youngest was born, he had the spirit of reckless independence. Phoenix is filled to the brim with endless compassion and consideration, yet is equally filled with endless energy and fearlessness. 555 more words

Dare Devil

Borrowed Wisdom: Find the courage to choose happiness

“I decided to fly through the air and live in the sunlight and enjoy life as much as I could.” — Evel Knievel

Borrowed Wisdom