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Eggless Soya Cutlets - Kids Special

Recipe Submitted by Mrs. Dimple Kashi

This is an entry for the Mommy Chef UAE Contest held at the Monsoon Breeze Blog.

This dish is a perfect appetizer jam packed with protein. 387 more words


Kappa Puzhungiyathu | Boiled Tapioca with Kanthari Mulaku Chammanthi

This dish brings along with it a lot of memories of my childhood!When I did my schooling..just 3 years in kerala,staying with my grandparents..it brings a smile and also a tear on my face..a smile thinking about all that pampering and affection I used to get,being the first and only grandchild on both my maternal and paternal side(At that time :) !Now I have a lot of cousins :) ) and a tear thinking how much I miss my dearest GrandFather who passed away 3 years back..All those days spent with him..just feels like yesterday..How fast time flies!I remember the scene..years aback..the time when I came back from my school..our backyard would be buzzing with activity..lots of workers,bringing the harvest from the paddy fields..threshing,winnowing,the naadan pattu(Local folk songs)…etc..Nowadays there are machines which makes these processes a lot more easier with less labour..nothing like before :( So all these remain memories!We dont get to see them today. 357 more words