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Three Steps to Attracting Qualified Tradeshow or Event Leads

In our last blog we discussed the first step to improving your event marketing ROIattracting the right kind of people to your trade show booth or event space. 1,111 more words

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Intro: Making Your Event Irresistable To The Right People

Getting The Right People To Your Events
Attract. Entice. Allure. Charm.

Bore. Disgust. Repel. Deter.

Words are a powerful thing. A word can draw someone in, push someone away or even change the meaning of something all on its own. 668 more words

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The Zen of Event Marketing

In Zen, nothing matters but experience. It favors learning from the experience of an accomplished teacher over repetition of rote sutras and doctrines, and then it encourages the student to develop his or her own finely honed sense of intuition by stimulating the mind through one’s own experience. 648 more words

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4 Careers That Make A Successful Social Media Marketer

In the social media world there are many things that come into play in order to successfully market on social networks. A desire to play on Facebook all day cannot be the only thing that makes you flourish in this career. 491 more words

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Custom Printed Fashion T-shirts: Your Brand in Style

There are times when a unisex, boxy tee just won’t cut it, and you want more of a fashion-forward look for your uniforms. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of fashion tees that offer a trendy, fitted take on the staple. 477 more words

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Planning for 2015- Starts Now

A client new to the marketing field recently asked me when to begin planning for next year’s integrated marketing activity. Typically I advise clients to begin serious work in August/September of each year. 270 more words

A Few More Notes on the Millennial Invasion

By Mary Tucker
CEIR Blog Manager

Now, before any feelings get hurt, I’d like to note I am using the term “invasion” with a very tongue-in-cheek intent for what latest CEIR research calls “The Generational Workforce Shift.” As CEIR Research Director Nancy Drapeau pointed out in her July 11 post, … 222 more words