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Dragon Boats - Game on!

Every year, a rowdy bunch of Miyazakians invade Kagoshima for a boating weekend. Don’t run off to get your deck shoes; you won’t be needing those. 609 more words


Weekend Competition Formats


As you will be aware we have undertaken our course renovations in the past two weeks. In keeping with the expected growth post renovations, we traditionally do not run a golflink handicap event two weeks post renovations given the state of the greens. 185 more words


Our Vehicle Clay


Thank you Kollekan Gallery, for leading us during our incursion last week. We had so much fun working with clay and cannot wait for the results next month!


Under The Influence

Drawing on the scores, scripts and performances from films such as Woman Under The Influence, Love Streams and Minnie and Moskowski, Under The Influence is a live improvisational performance by artist Kathryn Elkin and artist-musicians Simone Congreave, Anne Marie Copestake, John McKeown and Ariki Porteous that explores the exchange between script and soundtrack in the films and compositions of John Cassavetes and Bo Harwood. 209 more words

Tom Jenks


Global Pikons, a community organization of Filipino photographers in Japan, held its first anniversary last year, May 4.

Here are some of the shots taken during the event. 96 more words


Indonesian Ulema Council to hold halal expo

The Indonesian Ulema Council’s Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs and Cosmetics (LPPOM MUI) will organize an international halal expo to help Indonesia create its own market for halal products amid regional free trade. 130 more words