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Regret: Confessions of an Almost-Musician.

I could tell you that I do not have a musical bone in my body. I can’t even play the kazoo, or whistle, or hum. I can’t hold a tune to save my life, or the life of my own mother. 286 more words

a brief history of trees

the way an evergreen just sits there and lets snow pile up around its limbs,
layer after layer,
stuck in a caste all winter
and when the ice age melts, 20 more words


Semi-Evergreen Is Half True

By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Awww, which is it? You see a plant tag that says ‘semi-evergreen’ and you may wonder, what exactly does that mean? 156 more words

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Thank you, Mother

Thank you, Mother, for this Gift of Snow.


Dear Delilah (my evergreen tree best friend) - prose

Dear Delilah,

Ever since the day I said goodbye to my mother’s womb, you have lived with me. You’ve aged gracefully, your leaves still plump and the color of emeralds, your trunk still tall, burly, and able to withstand the abuse of a cat’s claws. 202 more words


Baby blue spruce trees

These blue spruce trees may need a bit of work come this spring.
Some are bent over from the north west wind.

Ice Storms Ontario

On My Way to Discovering Who I Was Meant To Be

Would I change what I’ve come through? Do I regret the pain I’ve experienced? Do I regret forcing those around me to deal with my willingness to experience new things? 1,021 more words