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David Foster Wallace's Best Productivity Tricks

David Foster Wallace committed suicide in 2008 at the age of 46, but even with a short amount of time he was still one of the most productive and interesting writers of the 21st century. 1,626 more words


Take Note: Cloud vs. Paper

I feel it’s worth noting that historically, I have never been too keen on taking notes. Be it in a classroom setting, or a more personal space, I have typically relied on my frontal-lobe and the occasional post-it to keep my thoughts organized. 271 more words


Evernote CEO Details His Company's Plans For A Wearable Future

There’s a conundrum facing software developers these days: Wearable tech is clearly an area of keen interest among consumers and industry watchers, but how to prepare for mass market adoption in this nascent space? 760 more words


How I use Evernote at Home

Last time I talked about how I use Evernote for work.  I always enjoy an app that I can take anywhere and serves more than one purpose. 561 more words


5 Reasons Every Teacher Should Use Evernote

I used to have endless piles of educational resources around my office. Files full of hand outs from conventions, in-service training, workshops, and magazine articles. I used to keep stacks of educational and professional journals thinking I would some day need to reference those materials. 806 more words


#E4W Using Evernote to Keep Track of Writing or Creative Submissions

This is a supplementary post to today’s #26Tech A-Z Submission and Sales Tracking Apps post.

This post falls under the #Evernote4Writers book to blog series. 494 more words

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