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App of the Week: Mindly

If you’re anything like me, tracking ideas and thoughts is an uphill battle. There are tools out there that make it easier, but I want to show you an app that provides and elegant and visual solution to mapping ideas. 83 more words

Andre C Griffiths

Swype This Whole Post

So now that Apple finally had allowed third party keyboard to their platform. I decided to write this whole post by swyping this whole post using Swype. 151 more words

Evernote App

There has most likely come a time in your life where you need all of your class notes and yet you can’t find them anywhere. I know it happens to me all the time. 296 more words


Sample Annotations

I know that writing annotations can feel odd the first couple of times, especially following my guidelines in the Annotated Bibliography assignment. This post is designed to show you what solid annotations might look like. 941 more words

Instructor Blog

Do Genealogy the Old Fashioned Way in a New Fangled World…. Pt 2.

I have spent this weekend working with moving my research tasks from The Master Genealogist to Evernote, simply because I have decided Evernote is better for a research log than TMG is. 449 more words


Evernote - Unexpected Error Occurred While Synchronizing

While synchronizing Everynote, you may get an error message that states:

“An unexpected error occurred while synchronizing with the Evernote service. The cause is listed below. 343 more words

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Evernoteが文房具を販売する理由:売上げ1,200万ドルを超える [ #cbajp ]

Evernote社(エヴァーノート)が「Evernote Market」を2013年秋に立ち上げたとき、多くの人が首をかしげた。生産性を向上させる効率化ソフトウェアを開発する企業が、Evernoteブランドの靴下などを売り込んでどうなるというのだろうか?しかし、1年後のいま、1,200万ドルの売り上げを前にするとその答えはわかる。Evernote社のデザイン担当ヴァイスプレジデントであるジェフ・ズワーナーは、「外部の人間は誰も予想しなかったと思う」と話す。