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Can I Recommend Something?

Can I recommend something to you? I recommend Evernote to any individual, group or organization out there to help organize data and files. It’s a lot like a notes app, or word processor, but it is much simpler. 79 more words


Creating a To-Do List that Actually Does Something for You

My father told me years ago, “to be conscientious about one thing only means that you are ignoring many other things.”

I am sharing in this post the tool that I recently discovered that has made more difference in writing a daily to-do list that is effective in both (1) knocking items off my list of action items, and (2) ensuring that the action items completed are balanced across multiple long-term goals.   931 more words


Go-to Applications for Managing My Personal Life

Here is a list of applications that I rely on for all my day-to-day personal activities:

* no-cost application downloads/installation required

This comes out to about $75/year.   27 more words

Home Life

4 Steps to Get More Writing Done by Sowing your Wild Oats

Don’t feel like sitting down at the computer to write? Then don’t.

Not yet anyway.

Sometimes, you can get more writing done by sowing your wild OATS. 1,304 more words

Getting organized and keeping up with information overload.

With all good intentions a few years ago I set up a pocket account and used it as part of an “Article review” workflow. So that I could keep a somewhat better handle on all the articles I would like to read but didn’t have the time to when I came across them on the internet. 996 more words


Interesting IFTTT recipes for educators

I learned about IFTTT (If This Then That) right after it had just been launched -I just easily adopt early I guess. That is not the point of this post, however. 1,289 more words


I am a quilter!

I have been quilting for approximately 12-13 years. The same quilt that is. SMH! Ok, so I have been hand quilting this quilt and I plan to hand quilt the entire thing. 294 more words