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Evernoteが文房具を販売する理由:売上げ1,200万ドルを超える [ #cbajp ]

Evernote社(エヴァーノート)が「Evernote Market」を2013年秋に立ち上げたとき、多くの人が首をかしげた。生産性を向上させる効率化ソフトウェアを開発する企業が、Evernoteブランドの靴下などを売り込んでどうなるというのだろうか?しかし、1年後のいま、1,200万ドルの売り上げを前にするとその答えはわかる。Evernote社のデザイン担当ヴァイスプレジデントであるジェフ・ズワーナーは、「外部の人間は誰も予想しなかったと思う」と話す。



Organization Tips and Tools for Developers

Organization can help you get many things done while developing games,websites,applications or anything I have compiled some of the best organization tools for keeping your development on track. 182 more words

Game Development

Annotated Bibliography Assignment


Throughout the second half of the semester, you’ll research a topic of your choice related to digital rhetoric for your final multimodal persuasive project. To keep track of that research and share your progress with me, you’ll add items to an annotated bibliography organized in the free program  997 more words

Final Project

Evernote, My Internet Notebook

I know it is hard to believe but I actually do a lot of research for this blog. I clip articles from websites, images, web links, tweets, Facebook statuses and videos; basically if it is on the web, I am filing it away, “for future reference”. 217 more words


5 Tips on How to Study Smarter (Especially For an INFJ)

Here is a list of 5 tips on how INFJs can study smarter to perform better in college. Although the following study tips can utilized by anyone, I publish these with the intent of reaching other INFJs who are likely to benefit from them the most as we all share similar preferences when it comes to studying and learning. 605 more words

My Strangest Stories