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Writing tools you may never have heard of

Robert Morris lists some helpful tools for writers, authors and bloggers. I have tried Evernote but haven’t found it that helpful for my uses. My daughter (who’s 18) loves it!   95 more words


Using Technology to Keep You Organized.....or at least make the attempt

Technology can be a powerful tool, when there are no glitches.   My monkey brain goes a mile a minute as a mother of 4 teenagers, a graduate student, a graduate assistant, and as I delve into my passion:   the world of information.   102 more words


Seven Questions with Jeremy Cowart

Last year at Photoshop World, I was introduced to Jeremy Cowart’s work by a close friend who considers Cowart a big influence on his own work. 662 more words


Creating a Simple Budget with Evernote

The word budget gets thrown around a lot when it comes to dealing with your personal finances. I wonder why? Maybe because a budget can be extremely helpful for those who have no idea where to start on there road to wealth. 827 more words


10 apps para sacar 10 este regreso a clases

El reloj no detiene su marcha y las vacaciones de verano se acerca a su fin para todos. Y aunque muchos ya tienen sus cuadernos, libros y horarios de clase, vale la pena armarse con algunas aplicaciones móviles que hagan más llevadero el nuevo ciclo escolar. 965 more words

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Adonit Jot Script - Handwritten Notes on the iPad

Handwriting (almost) perfected on the iPad -


Adonit is known for its prowess in the creation of Tablet Styluses. Originally becoming famous for the first successful hard tipped stylus, Adonit has always been on the cutting edge of stylus design.  584 more words