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Do you have difficulty remembering important information?

If you’re like me you have difficulty remembering where you’ve saved your documents or where you’ve noted some important information that you don’t want to forget or you’ve jotted down on a post-it note an important task to do but don’t remember where you’ve stuck the post-it note. 354 more words


Prepping for FINALS!!!

So it’s around that time again… Yes that time when everyone seems to be getting that one more shot of espresso in their morning coffee, we begin to see more sweatpants and hoodies around campus. 636 more words


Table Talk: Evernote

Apps are all the rage when it comes to your online life. It’s amazing to see just how dependent we’ve become on these mini programs. We have them on our phones, on our computers, on our mobile devices. 317 more words

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Make Thinking Visible with VideoNot.es

Those of you who ask students to watch videos to learn, reinforce, and/or review course content should know about VideoNot.es.  This app allows users to take synchronized, time-stamped notes as they watch clips on Youtube, Vimeo, Khan, Coursera, and more.   51 more words

An Interview with Author and Pastor, Rob Guenther

An Interview with the Author of the book “In Their Sandals” and Pastor, Rob Guenther

Q: Pastor Guenther, can you start by telling us about yourself? 879 more words


紙からデジタルをシームレスにつなげるデバイス「EQUIL Smartpen 2」 [ #cbajp ]

「スマホやタブレットもいいけど、肝心なことはペンを持って書きたい、頭に入るから」という人は多いのではないでしょうか。クラウドファンディングサイトIndiegogoに「EQUIL Smartpen 2」が登場し、さくっと5万ドル(約500万円)の目標金額を達成。こちら、ノートにペンで書いたものがリアルタイムで、デバイスに同期されるツール。もちろん、EvernoteやDropbox等のクラウドストレージサービスにも同期できます。