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My favourite study applications - Evernote

Over the course of the MBA I have used a number of different software applications to support my studies, for writing study notes, collecting and reviewing useful articles, and keeping up with business, management and leadership news. 1,389 more words


My (modest) goals for the year

Monday marks the first day of my sixteenth year as a full-time teacher. At age 40, I’m thoroughly mid-career, and really, what have I got to prove anymore? 822 more words


CloudMagic, Todoist and Evernote : The mobile productivity trifecta

We are all addicted to our phones and some face anxiety if they forget their phones at home. I personally use my laptop much less now because most of what I do – emails, chat, social networking, browsing and watching movies- can all be accomplished on a mobile device. 765 more words

Eradicate through the Flame

The vacation comes to an end, and the children have returned. I did something last week that I never thought that I would do in my entire life. 528 more words


Waarom ik elke dag Evernote gebruik?

Ik zal je eerlijk bekennen dat ik van nature niet zo georganiseerd ben. Geldt dat niet voor de meeste ‘right brainers’? Inmiddels ben ik al een aantal jaren fan van de methode van Getting Things Done (GTD) van David Allen. 702 more words


How To... Screenshot / Screen Capture in Mac OS X

Top 3 on the list of Most Googled How To’s by New Zealanders’ – this is… How To Screenshot.  Mac OS X allows various methods for grabbing whats on your screen by taking Screenshots or Screen Captures. 263 more words


Finally, I am done with the tenth!

Such a challenge, and also a struggle, for me, I should say!  Many things came up in between.  I could have finished this earlier but I was not able to because of the many happenings, events, appointments, and the like, that occurred.  56 more words