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EverQuest II Lore in a Minute

Because… I actually knew all of this at one point.  And then there were expansions and flying carpets and such.

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When Does an MMO Become a Foreign Country?

One of the tenets of the MMORPG industry these days is that players will come and go.  After a certain point in the life cycle of an MMO the installed base, those who have played the game at one time but who are not currently playing, is the most fertile ground for marketing.  824 more words


Rift Joins the Insta-Level Club with Nighmare Tide Expansion

While I haven’t been in Rift for ages, that doesn’t mean Trion Worlds isn’t still out there plugging away.  During that very busy stretch in August… I though people went on vacation in August… they announced a new expansion, the… 867 more words


Forget EverQuest Next: I want EverQuest Again.

This year’s SOE Live has come and gone. Good riddance. Though largely due to unrealistic expectations, no other SOE Live has let me down this much. 1,133 more words


Everquest 2

Why it took so long

I think it’s quite unusual to “fall in love” with a game that’s been out for 10 years, but it might have happened to me and Everquest 2. 592 more words


50 MMOs in 50 Days #17: EverQuest II

Last played: 2011
Experience: Very Minimal

After EverQuest II went free-to-play, I decided to give it a shot. It was – and still technically is, if Landmark doesn’t count – the only EverQuest game I’ve ever played. 481 more words

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A Trip to Luclin (with Bhagpuss)

Only on Inventory Full, “The Whole of the Moon: EQ2″

Like my friend Bhagpuss, I’m a bit of a Luclin fanboy. Well, kind of. I remember the Luclin expansion for the original EverQuest fondly because it added so much to the game, including a very alien world to explore. 597 more words