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necromancing, building


Created second toon, one weirdly named (“storm”, ‘wind” are not allowed) necromancer.  She started in some icy island. Was weaker than wizard, but island proved to be a bit easier. 216 more words

Ever-alone and plotting

Everquest 2

Naktieskarys quested in newbie territory (sorry, bad at names). Some quests were done and then..and then i had quests out of the map. Somewhere. 199 more words

Everquest 2, crafting, housing

Everquest II

My wizard continued her journey, fighting with monsters and game controls. Still do not know what is worse, though…Alternate advancement is a bit pain in the neck. 289 more words

Everquest 2...

Everquest II

Tried this gamre, although Sony entertainment charges even for using global chats. Free player –> no global chats. Pay subscription, get global chats. Very “nice”… 624 more words

Wandering the Palace of the Awakened

The thing about doing a set of content a second time is that it can feel very different, especially if you do it not to long after the first run.  1,533 more words


If it is Fun Once, It Must be Fun Twice, Right?

During the last week of last year I had gotten my berserker, Sigwerd, through the Kingdom of Sky expansion and into Kunark.  He went out into the Kylong Plains… 1,740 more words


The 2015 List - A New Year Brings New Predictions

Hey, it’s 2015!

And as happens with the change of the calendar around here, it is time for some forward looking silliness that I can evaluate at some point 11 months or more down the road, giving me something of a framework for what really happened versus what I predicted.  1,348 more words