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SOE Live - The Norrathian Front

SOE Live went off this past weekend in Las Vegas and, in my typical hope in the face of reality sort of way, I tuned in to watch several of the live streams with the idea that SOE might have some magic potion that would tempt me back to one of their games… or would tell me something about the one I was looking forward to. 1,775 more words


Saving Everquest II

As many of you know, I am a big fan of the Sony MMO game called Everquest II.  I started playing the game in early November of 2004 and have been with the game over the last 10 years.  810 more words


Everquest 2: The Forgotten Quests

All games age, some age more gracefully than others but they all age in both years since release and the player base. This November, Everquest II turns ten and after a decade there have been many changes, updates and additions to the game. 391 more words


Expansion #11 for EQ2

I wasn’t sure what to expect this year for EQ2’s latest expansion. Our major story arc for Age’s End finally ended in a recent update. SOE Live had its keynotes yesterday, revealing the plans for the coming year. 421 more words


SOE Live 2014 - What Are You Wishing For?

Currently I am not very invested in any SOE games.  I pay some attention to changes in EverQuest, with occasional glaces towards EverQuest II… 678 more words


Starting Point

It seems so difficult to start a blog… at least to me, anyway. I knew I wanted an MMO blog but my MMO interests are always in flux, so it’s hard to pick a starting point. 338 more words

I Don't Play Single Player Games Anymore and That's Ok

I realized perhaps three or four Steam sales ago that I just don’t play single player games anymore. The last game I bought that wasn’t an MMO was Guacamelee. 542 more words