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Guest Blog | With Great Gaming Comes Great Responsibility

Having been a proponent of games and gaming for most of my life, I tend to focus on the more virtuous elements of the sport.  Games have helped push processing technology forward via the popularity of video games on both consoles and PC. 1,129 more words


When Does an MMO Become a Foreign Country?

One of the tenets of the MMORPG industry these days is that players will come and go.  After a certain point in the life cycle of an MMO the installed base, those who have played the game at one time but who are not currently playing, is the most fertile ground for marketing.  824 more words


EverQuest #3 - Erudin, Qeynos

Though I spent the majority of my early years in EverQuest as a Dark Elf, it was inevitable that I would branch out and try other races.   1,591 more words


EverQuest #2 - The Commonlands, Befallen, Corathus Creep

Choosing to play a caster reminded me of something I had forgotten about EverQuest… or maybe it would be more accurate to say that it was something I did not realize at the time, something I couldn’t have realized without having a significant number of MMOs under my belt as I do now. 1,748 more words


EverQuest #1 - Crescent Reach, The Plane of Knowledge, Neriak

Before I set out to begin my documentation of the legendary 15-year-old MMORPG EverQuest I realized I needed to make a decision that I hadn’t considered: which server to play on. 2,236 more words


Part 1: MMO Economics (An Overview)

Why its hard to design a virtual game economy that works. 901 more words