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First thoughts on Landmark MMO Closed Beta

Well I was searching for articles on Landmark MMO closed Beta that I could read at work. It turns out that most I found were on wordpress so I figured why dont I start documenting what I am doing. 928 more words


UI design: too much information

User interfaces in MMORPGs tend to be quite extensive to put it mildly. From various exact numbers like threat, damage-per-second, health and other resources to real time boss strategies and timers, you’re likely to find an option to display it on your interface in many games. 708 more words


CARING FOR OTHERS’ PETS TEMPORARILY – Part 3 (or Alice Makes A Sweet Angel)

In Part 1 of “Caring for Others’ Pets Temporarily,” we followed the true story of how Devil Child and Alice came to be born and why a male… 1,055 more words


'EverQuest Next': Emergent AI System Explained

At Sony Online Entertainment Live 2014, members of both SOE and Storybricks, the teams behind the emergent AI system being developed for the upcoming MMO… 115 more words


Landmark Episode One - A Special Thanks To Berry

A new video series and let’s play of Landmark.  Stay tuned for more.

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Guest Blog | With Great Gaming Comes Great Responsibility

Having been a proponent of games and gaming for most of my life, I tend to focus on the more virtuous elements of the sport.  Games have helped push processing technology forward via the popularity of video games on both consoles and PC. 1,129 more words


When Does an MMO Become a Foreign Country?

One of the tenets of the MMORPG industry these days is that players will come and go.  After a certain point in the life cycle of an MMO the installed base, those who have played the game at one time but who are not currently playing, is the most fertile ground for marketing.  824 more words