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EverQuest #2 - The Commonlands, Befallen, Corathus Creep

Choosing to play a caster reminded me of something I had forgotten about EverQuest… or maybe it would be more accurate to say that it was something I did not realize at the time, something I couldn’t have realized without having a significant number of MMOs under my belt as I do now. 1,748 more words


EverQuest #1 - Crescent Reach, The Plane of Knowledge, Neriak

Before I set out to begin my documentation of the legendary 15-year-old MMORPG EverQuest I realized I needed to make a decision that I hadn’t considered: which server to play on. 2,236 more words


Part 1: MMO Economics (An Overview)

Why its hard to design a virtual game economy that works. 901 more words


Rift Joins the Insta-Level Club with Nighmare Tide Expansion

While I haven’t been in Rift for ages, that doesn’t mean Trion Worlds isn’t still out there plugging away.¬† During that very busy stretch in August… I though people went on vacation in August… they announced a new expansion, the… 867 more words


Back To Sosaria

Many middle aged gamers such as myself will remember a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game that rolled out back in 1997 with beta cd-roms sent out to people who requested them from an insert found between the pages of PC Gaming Magazine. 355 more words

Geek'd Up

Forget EverQuest Next: I want EverQuest Again.

This year’s SOE Live has come and gone. Good riddance.¬†Though largely due to unrealistic expectations, no other SOE Live has let me down this much. 1,133 more words


The Beginning

I’ve always loved adventure games. My earliest computer memory is of sitting on my father’s lap as a child and watching him play King’s Quest VI. 360 more words

Baldur's Gate