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I called PetPlan about the increase in pet policy prices. Turns out it’s not because she older. It’s because there have been people who have certain breeds of cat that are known to have specific to breed health problems that wouldn’t be covered who are claiming their cats are ‘domestic short hair’ or other such non-breed of moggie. 49 more words

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Once more into the breach.. for some, not for me!

Adobe has come out with Creative Cloud 2014. Of course, they didn’t warn anyone that Creative Cloud 2013 (for want of better label0 plugins might not, or more likely, will not work with their latest and greatest. 181 more words

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2014 Goals: July

What a month was July!

Books: I was feeling a little sheepish about my number at the end of June. Then BAM. Vacation. Cleared that right up. 309 more words

Every Day Life

Keeping Stride Comes to WordPress!

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to switch media!

This wasn’t an easy decision. For those that know and love (or perhaps dislike) me, you know change is not my closest friend. 84 more words

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Now that Trance has been here for a few months

And is no longer hiding, it’s time for her to learn the hierarchy. She has been stalking and attempting to bully Ziggy. Ziggy is the ‘diva’ here, and Trance has to learn it. 96 more words

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i was...

I was…

feeling like “suzy homemaker”
this afternoon.

pretty sure it was just a passing moment.

100 days of happy…day 59.

from the book of everyday life… 6 more words

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