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Tuesday 22.07.14

Beautiful morning this morning, had coffee in the garden then went out on by bike before going to work,had a busy day catching up from yesterday,also had to fit a new exhaust on my own car it started to make some right funny noises over the weekend,Lynne and the kids have had a busy day at the farm there was a lot of… 68 more words

Every Day Stuff

Sound Of Your Memory

Well it’s 4 a.m., ain’t no sleep to be found
Your face in my mind spinning around
And awake I will dream, in my dream you’ll be there… 247 more words

Every Day Stuff

Monday 21.07.14

Was up early this morning sat in the garden and had my coffee, today I have been working a our Wallasey site it felt very strange parking in the car park in the same spot as I used to park in up to 14 years ago when I moved to Heswall, had a nice day and was kept busy and it was fun doing a slightly different job in a strange office with different people, finished work and came home to a lovely dinner which we had sat out in the garden, while the kids did the dishes Lynne and I sat in the garden enjoying the last of today’s sun with a nice cold snake bite, we ended up spending the rest of the evening sat in the garden even after the sun went down

Every Day Stuff

Cartwheels Into The Paddling Pool

Heather was really enjoying the paddling pool yesterday afternoon

lol and Lynne enjoyed a dip in the pool

Every Day Stuff

A Lovely Day At The Farm

We where all up and out early this morning and Jack and Skye where as good as gold, we gave them both a good groom and Lynne rode them both… 18 more words

Every Day Stuff

A Walk In The Woods With The Kids

After dinner we decided to go for a walk in the woods with the kids and Ruby, Lynne had to stay at home she twisted her ankle getting off Skye this afternoon… 14 more words

Every Day Stuff