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The Best Meat Substitutes for Vegetarian Recipes

Recipe Rehab chef Vikki Krinsky gives examples of ingredients that you can substitute for meat in vegetarian dishes without sacrificing any flavor.

Use this London Restaurants’ Mobile Directory when you’re out and about in London. 6 more words

To Boldly Go Where Every {Wo}Man Should Be Going

“To Boldy Go Where No Man Has Gone Before” - yeah, thanks Star Trek, pretty much sums up where I “go” with 95 percent of my new patients/clients. 462 more words

Everyday Health

When Great Has No Meaning

If you ever gave a formal presentation to a group, it is quite likely someone told you that when a person in the audience asks a question, you should reinforce this courageous act by saying “ 218 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Are You In The Creative Flow?

Creative people do things differently than most others. Some might even describe creatives as unconventional. I call creativity bliss, flow; being at home with myself. 142 more words

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