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Dealing with Denial on Everyday Health

Hey there, blog readers. It’s been awhile. I spent the past few months in a bit of a funk, and I’m finally pulling myself out of it. 24 more words

My Story


I wrote a post recently about some of the changes our body goes through as we age.  Well, this post has to do with how aging affects our sense of taste because I feel as though someone is playing hide and seek with my taste buds.  256 more words

Super Food of the Week: Chia

Let me tell you, I wasn’t terribly interested in eating bug-like seeds at first.  They looked gross and tasted a little funny – how could they be good for me? 294 more words

3 Easy Ways to Drink Water

After learning how crucial water is to your day-to-day life, you may have wondered how on earth you were actually going to down the ounces.   397 more words

Are You Creating Antibiotic Resistance In Your Home?

In an attempt to clear out all of the undesirable bacterial invaders that enter the home each day, millions of Americans, spray, wash and dump antibacterial soaps and cleaners onto counters, in bathrooms and down the drain without considering the personal health implications or greater environmental consequences. 61 more words

Personalized Medicine & Your Epigenetic Landscape