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Hanging out with the middle guy, Ben, on Jack’s birthday. Ben had an accident at camp yesterday which required three stitches above his eye.

He was not only brave, but stayed completely still while getting sewn back together and never even squeezed my hand. 81 more words

Everyday Life


I just ate six!!! chocolate buns. In the car. Without throwing up. Jesus, what if my bulimia has turned over to compulsive eating. I cannot even imagine how that’s gonna make me look like. 86 more words

Everyday Life

The Madness That Has Been Summer 2014

As July comes to a close my mind has been jumbled with all that’s taken place so far this summer. I can’t believe August is almost here and soon classes will start again. 646 more words

Everyday Life

The cutest bikes!

When did bikes get so adorable? Haha! Honestly, the reason why I learned late in riding a bicycle is because I disliked the idea of getting… 138 more words

Everyday Life

Not a very good run.

Let’s look back on the last two weeks shall we?

Last week we had a good start, everyone woke up to the start of term 3 with a spring in their step. 702 more words

Everyday Life

Post Betrayal Reaction

Oh and i’ll let you go
I’ll set you free
And when you see what you need to see
When you find you come back to me… 64 more words


Never too late to learn how to ride a bike!

As some of you might have read my 30 by 30 list or adventures┬áthat I want to do before I turn the big 3-0, I’ve been truly looking forward to give you an update of how I have been having the time of my life of checking them off one by one–slowly but surely, as they like to say! 110 more words

Everyday Life