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Lost in the great ether of WordPress. It probably was more like saved by the great ether. I worked for an hour last night writing a new blog entry. 157 more words

Everyday Life

We Are Our Own Worst Enemy

WE are our own worst enemies. We sabotage ourselves. Most of us are guilty of getting in our own way. As for me, this is true in two ways: spiritually and emotionally. 973 more words

Everyday Life


Decker has come so far in his swimming since his first lesson one and a half months ago! I literally had to pry him off of me while he was screaming when we showed up for our first lesson. 18 more words


10 things…..about the future you wish you had known when you were 18

We think we know all about the future when we are teenagers. We think we know what job we want, where we want to live and that we’ll be married with kids and living in the suburbs by the time we are 30. 490 more words


Differences Are Not Bad: A Reflection on My Time Here

I’m about to leave in a few hours, but during my time here I have noticed some important differences, though they really are not actually bad. 982 more words

Everyday Life

The Kingdom of heaven is like...

“Jesus said to his disciples: ‘The Kingdom of heaven is like a treasure buried in a field…, is like a merchant searching for fine pearls…'” 81 more words

Fr Jarosław Szymczak

Prayer prompt for Wednesday, July 30

Compromise doesn’t just mean “big” issues. Ask God to reveal some areas in your day-to-day life that need to be overhauled.