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A real mismatch at work

I do not fit my paid job . My paid job is DRIVING ME MAD.  I spent the WHOLE DAY attending to forms.  I mean eight hours.  1,041 more words

Melkein 50 kysymystä minusta

Terve taas! Tajusin, etten ole juurikaan kertonut itsestäni mitään blogin perustamisen jälkeen. Sitä paitsi tykkään tosi paljon näistä TMI Tag -videoista, joten halusin tehdä omani kirjoitetussa muodossa. 647 more words


when an extrovert falls in love with an introvert

My boyfriend is an introvert type of man.
He’s extremely smart, charming, and preserve.
He doesn’t talk much. He doesn’t like too many people around. 702 more words

In English

FLIPPANT FRIDAY...........Makes a Change

A pair….makes a Change

Followers will know that over the past winters, whilst wandering in the woods, I have stumble across lost gloves. So people loose them….so what? 94 more words


Crush: World Square Hostel

There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many backpackers in Sydney. And it may be difficult to find out which one will be the best for you. 285 more words


Yesterday, on our way back from Karnes City to here, we stopped at he gas station at Cascade Caverns on IH 10 near Boerne, for a “pit stop” and some refreshments at the convenience store. 309 more words

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