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These last weeks of 7-Narnie.

In 43 days we will celebrate the day this young lady was born.

Lilly Rene’ was nicknamed Narnie when she was 2 months old thanks to Amber who was a 1 year old trying hard to have a conversation with her baby sister and the name has stuck. 190 more words

Everyday Life

Get off your Donkey

  • “baby” pumpkins
  • Pumpkin art
  • … and lots of it!
  • shades of blue
  • curious
  • gull-chaser
  • waves and wavy hair
  • 28+ weeks & growing
  • cali palms
  • “sheshells”
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"Haider": Hamlet in Kashmir: Suhas Munshi

This is a guest post by SUHAS MUNSHI

The challenge of telling stories of a conflict is its victims. Each, traumatized in their own way, needs their own story. 1,374 more words

Bad Ideas

Giving What Is God's

Then said to them, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.”

~Matthew 22:21*

At yesterday’s Mass, the Gospel reading dealt with the question about paying taxes that the Pharisees posed to Jesus—after they tried to trick him with flattery by saying that they knew he was impartial and taught God’s way truthfully (see Matthew 22:15-17).

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Buying Lingerie in India

Everyone  rants and raves about the economic highs and uppers of liberalization, globalization and opening up of the economy in India. I’d pin my delight to the fact that it kinda started and ensured that lingerie became available in India :D… 603 more words

Everyday Life

Halloween-Themed Recipes

October is the month of scares (and pumpkins). Here are some Halloween-themed recipes to try out before the month flies by.

Marshmallow Witches 

Everyday Life

DIY: Webbed Mask Tray & Bowl {cricut design space star challenge}

On Halloween I like to hang a black light above our door in a paper lantern. The neighborhood kids really dig it. They hold out their costumed arms, stick out their legs and shoes, and move their treat bags around to look at the glow. 918 more words

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