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Love on a long ride

I thought the long travel would give me the opportunity and momentum to write something about romantic love – how I can’t wait to find it, how sometimes I’m super okey that I am in a relationship with myself, how some nights my heart, not my eyes, would cry because she’s afraid love may not come, how my thoughts of why love has not arrived yet, how love affects me. 155 more words


Photo: "The Randomness of the Light."


One false start later and we are live!

(You may have seen an attempt at this post hours earlier. Consider it a dry run.) 10 more words


My Girls, Talkin' Bout My Giiiiirls

Sing it with me!

“I’ve got sunshineeee on a cloudy day.  When it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May.  Well, I guess you’d say, What can make me feel this way?” 812 more words

Everyday Life

Senior Year?

Things have changed dramatically. The summer passed with funerals, traveling, and volleyball. Then school started. Senior year is full of stresses that I never knew I would meet. 732 more words

Everyday Life

The “Me-Pad” Dilemma

My grandson has been sick the past week and a half.  First he had a cold.  His actual symptoms were not bad: low grade fever, nasal congestion, some coughing.  1,167 more words

Everyday Life

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

This Christmas my family and I are doing an ugly Christmas Sweater competition. Now, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to win this year but here are some easy ways to create one if you are doing a contest like me. 89 more words

Everyday Life


I crashed the car.

I crashed the car.

On my way to work, I have no idea what happened. But I drove into the car infront of me, who was waiting for the traffic lights to become green. 153 more words

Everyday Life