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The Body

The body is yours
You will keep it in this lifetime
On the other side
You will be able to see the real you
Be the best you can be… 10 more words

Everyday Life


“Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

- Booker T. Washington -


Bow to Pray

As I bow my head to pray
I thank the Lord for everyday

I pray for strength for what I face
I thank Him for each and every grace… 57 more words



Oh, awaken from thy slumber, ye kings and queens of the Living God. We are on a stage, ever being watched by all the world. Follow the counsel of the living prophets of our day. 248 more words


Beaten Dog

There is only so much a beaten dog will take before it reaches its breaking point and turns on its master. You don’t keep kicking a dog when it’s down. 344 more words



If it seems you’re going backward
Turn around then you’ll be going forward


Be Humble

Be humble, be kind, be gentle, be meek
Pray each day for the answers you seek

Continue to strive to do what is right
Be steadfast, be firm, fight with all your might… 50 more words