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Sausage Gravy

It amazes me that of all the places I go in the US, someone has had and loves sausage gravy. Slathered on hot biscuits with a side of ham or bacon, it is the kind of “stick to your ribs” country fare that is always a crowd pleaser. 48 more words



This is my sister’s recipe for biscuits. She uses White Lily flour, a soft wheat flour that makes the most delicate biscuits you will ever put into your mouth. 47 more words


Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

This soup is the one my mamma made for me when I would come home to visit when I lived in Wisconsin. It didn’t matter if it was December or July, she knew that this was the dish that I wanted most. 11 more words


Connie's BBQ Sauce

This is my version of a great all around BBQ sauce. It takes time, but is worth it. There is nothing like a slightly sweet, tangy, stingy BBQ sauce slathered on ribs, chicken or even burgers. 17 more words


Gone to the Dogs: Bed, Biscuits and Beyond Boarding Kennels

Situated in Kirksey, Kentucky, Danice Hart and her husband Geary, have put together a beautiful place to house your forever friend be it feline or canine. 115 more words


Sleep evades me...

As I run the risk of saying, “Good morning” in 10 minutes, I am choosing to write a quick post as a revitalization of my blog. 53 more words

Everyday Musings

A little something called your computer's history

You don’t have to be an IT expert these days to know about a little something called your computer’s history. Back when the Internet was first being explored by us commoners, the intricacies of our activity were tougher to figure out as we struggled to understand how connecting to our phone line can make pictures appear on a screen. 414 more words

Everyday Musings