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And chaos reigns

So Saturday after wandering around St. Charles for 5 hours or so, I realized a few things (about myself ) that are fairly new developments - 414 more words

Everyday Nonsense

"IF I live long enough"

Today was both a magical day, and a shit day. But, how does that happen? Good question….

I’m dwelling. I can’t get the words you said out my head. 285 more words

Everyday Nonsense


Last week on the way home from our barn, my daughter and I stopped in a little shoppe called “something different” – I think- . It’s a cute little shop on the main drag of a small town in illinois. 420 more words

Everyday Nonsense

All signed up for classes

Both of my girls have been pretty much homeschooled from the get go. Rowan and I did one year at our local Waldorf school when she was 4; she as a student and I as the assistant teacher in the kindergarten class. 401 more words

A new Beginning

I’ve decided to start blogging over.  I began blogging several years ago with “Covered in Roses” and while I loved the name  it really wasn’t growing at all as a blog. 318 more words

Everyday Nonsense