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Bottle cap jewelry

Jaia and I have been fooling around with bottle cap  jewelry -because it looked fun, I had tons of bottle caps sitting around and also because I wanted to do this project with a group of homeschool kids for a class. 368 more words

Emotionally Unstable

Hello Blog -

It’s me again. I know that its been a while since I came here but what matters is that I am here right? 1,043 more words

Everyday Nonsense

A day to myself

Sunday I escaped to the Strange Folk Festival.         Check it out here – http://www.strangefolkfestival.com

It’s a yearly craft/art fair that I love to go to about 40 minutes from our house. 310 more words

It's only been 6? days since my last post~

And really, in my defense, I’ve been sick. I came down with that head cold/sore throat nastiness that then lasts for weeks and weeks as a cough. 392 more words

Everyday Nonsense


This was a busy weekend and crappy week. Jaia had a Feis again this past Saturday – within 1/2 an hour from home so of course we had to go – I had toyed with the idea of skipping since the numbers were so low but I’m actually glad we didn’t. 381 more words

Everyday Nonsense

Mundane life (thank goodness!) and scrabble letter magnets

Well things seem steady. I am working hard to NOT fall back into old patterns between my husband and I – and I have to say it is HARD! 485 more words

And chaos reigns

So Saturday after wandering around St. Charles for 5 hours or so, I realized a few things (about myself ) that are fairly new developments - 414 more words

Everyday Nonsense