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Michelle Phan, you are an inspiration to all!

I’ve been following Michelle Phan on Youtube for a long time now. She has been an inspiration for me from the moment I first watched one of her makeup tutorials. 55 more words

Everyday Nonsense.

I'm Ready by AJR

Another good summer song. This one is my sister’s favorite. Definitely worth the listen!

Everyday Nonsense.

The middle

Somehow I ended up in the middle

Caught in this grey area of being over you and happy.

And you’re caught between thinking I’m your property and being happy with your new life. 165 more words

Everyday Nonsense

Some Assembly Required.

Oops, that wasn’t very ‘soon’ was it? Everything seems to take longer than it used to, and I’m almost permanently busy lately, but I’ve managed to squeeze this out eventually.  901 more words


When You're In Your Mid-20's And Can't Do Anything About It.

So I’m 24. And this 2014 I’m turning 25. I don’t know how this happened so fast but hey, I’m an adult now. And somehow, most of the time I don’t feel like one. 100 more words

Everyday Nonsense