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Lesson learned.

Today I learned my lesson. Don’t trust your family.
So like, last night I was at this party near Long Beach, Cali and my cousins friend was there. 325 more words

Everyday Things

When I look up...

Coming home from a night at the cinema this week, as I ascended the steps to our flat, I glanced up at the sky and was struck by the blanket of darkness containing tiny pellets of twinkling light. 268 more words

Everyday Things

Things doesn't always turn out the way you planned or expected

I present an estimation of  which the current employer gave me in September 2013 when I was negotiating a potential work opportunity. The percentage shows areas in which the company — or the manager of my department  — thought that I could be useful within. 246 more words

Everyday Things


This morning I was waiting at a bus stop in Bath in the rain.  It was gentle, refreshing and very wetting rain.  I was enjoying watching it while sheltering under my umbrella.  241 more words


When a Manicure Is Not Enjoyable

So just to warn you from the beginning … some of you with kids will laugh, some of you without kids will cringe and you will all think what an effort to get a manicure! 943 more words

Everyday Things

Finally got myself to a Hairdresser!

My Hairdresser experience starts on Saturday. I went in search of a hairdresser that was recommended to me by a pretty well put together and stylish 22 year old, she had drawn me a map and the names of the girls I should ask for and with this post-it I confidentially walked into ‘Erkelle’. 797 more words


"Constellation prize" haiku

Sons of Perseus
Cosmic radiance no myth
Lighting the night sky

Perfect atmosphere
For Smith-Tuttle to put on
Its annual show

Meteor shower
What better way for comet… 77 more words

Everyday Things