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Everyday is Wisdom with Guest Tshombe Brown - Part 2

“Everyday is Wisdom with Guest Tshombe Brown – Part 2″ written by Bren Koger.

Everyday is Wisdom is a show where I bring you interviews with some of the most inspirational people that the world has to offer. 11 more words

Easy DIY Pumpkin Decorating

Halloween is my one of my favorite times of the year. I love the kid friendly version, which of course includes pumpkin carving/decorating. Now most years, I get elbow deep in pumpkin guts fishing out the seeds. 229 more words


Soul Mates

I was reading a post by kelzbelzphotography, and swaggerless had commented on the post with a link to the author Elizabeth Gilbert explaining what most people get wrong about the term “soul mates”. 609 more words


WANTED: Man in My Life

If you were to create an ad for what you were looking for, what would it say?

Ironically, when I started this post under that very prompt, I was writing it under the assumption that I don’t want a boyfriend right now. 321 more words


Hello Monday!

Be a cowgirl this week and aim high!

LESS cowgirls in army and grey!

Line Of Oslo

Sylt - ein Kurzurlaub, der glücklich macht

Manche Dinge im Leben muss man einfach zu einer regelmäßigen Konstante machen, damit sie einem das Leben bereichern. Der morgendliche Kaffee ganz für sich alleine, das wöchentliche Zumba-Training, bei dem man sich die Seele aus dem Leib schreit, oder das halbstündige Graben nach Gemüse im eigenen Garten. 704 more words