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This post is short because I just realized I have to go to the library.

Have you ever had something to watch and you were excited and there you are sitting on the couch with your popcorn, favorite pillow and a fuzzy fat cat only to realize the show you were thinking about isn’t on, because you don’t even know what freaking day it is, and worse there is nothing else on, so, you know, sad face. 74 more words


Lessons Learned from Money Challenge #1....and new challenge!

It’s been a week since Money Challenge #1 ended. It was quite humbling to come up short by almost $200. But I learned some valuable lessons to help aid me in accomplishing future challenges: 281 more words


Red Brick Wall

Neither the wall nor the bench are comfortable
the wall is the usual red brick
and the bench is a thoughtless concrete

What were the architects thinking when they decided… 146 more words


Everyday is Wisdom - Episode 1, Part 1/2

Everyday is Wisdom – Episode 1, Part 1/2 In this episode of Every Day is Wisdom wellness and yoga coach, Jewels Lamm, shares her thoughts and a guided meditation on manifesting a dream life. 146 more words

Poetry Complexity

Note: In response so someone who felt to tell me poetry was pointless.

A beautiful chaotic mess
Of words and emotions
That takes the simplicity… 71 more words


300 Words, Day Thirty-Two: Waiting for a Ride

A man stands by himself and stares up at the sky. He doesn’t speak. He doesn’t need to. A sign beside him says it all: Waiting for My Ride, Please Do Not Disturb. 376 more words


Minstrone Soup

My sister shared her minstrone soup receipe that she referred to be as a knock-off of the Olive Garden’s. She learnt it herself after craving and quenching it at that place during her pregnency last year and like a typical girl she challenged herself to make a better version of it. 214 more words