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98:365 SteamGoth Turbine

Steampunk is what happens when goths discover the color brown.. 8)

I'm From New Hampshire

I have lived a lot of life in my 18 years

More than some people live in 20 years

or 50

or ever.

I know pain and suffering… 165 more words


I'm Fine

I have not had my antidepressants in about a week (mother…do not call me and fuss at me, if things get bad, I will go back on them, no problems).¬† 774 more words


Signs of Life

Around here I’m looking for signs of growth both outside and under our roof as I watch our son and try to get a read on him. 504 more words


Real Misogynists Hate Real Men Too.

Wolf-Whistles, catcalls, passing comments about their body; these are just some of the things women face every day, I mean you only ¬†need to look at the twitter account… 737 more words


Cool Quiet

I spent a high school summer scooping ice cream
at a Howard Johnson’s oasis
suspended above I-90 outside Rockford IL.

There were no repeat customers there; 161 more words