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That didn't work out but it's okay


So I just got a reply from Len. The dude who was handling the applications for their teaching position in their school and well, I didn’t get the job. 139 more words


179-365 blues.music #cinema4d #everyday

playing around with chanlum shader creating a faux sub surface scattering effect, came out so-so


Eggplant and Sweet Potato Curry

Given the predominance of cake on this site, you would be forgiven for thinking we think we live on the stuff. Truth is, I get more excited about sweet than savoury, but we do eat healthy meals. 532 more words



As all Graduate Schools are, students get to choose the schedule of their classes. And, I specifically blocked my Friday. Friday is one of the days I look forward to on Monday Mornings. 63 more words


7 Years

Sometimes life turns around and lives you wondering whether it all makes still any sense. It might take a day, a week, a second to trigger all those questions marks above your head. 791 more words


Σιρόπι από φρούτα του πάθους Όχι μόνο πάνω από την...

Σιρόπι από φρούτα του πάθους

Όχι μόνο πάνω από την πάβλοβα…
Ξέρεις μαρέγκα, σαντιγί και φρούτα ή το μαγικό σιρόπι…

Αλλά και στο κοκτέιλ!
Εδώ με λάιμ, μαύρη ζάχαρη, σιρόπι από τα φρούτα του πάθους, πάγος και βότκα. 6 more words