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Potty Training Update

Last week Max made the greatest advancement in his set of toddler skills since learning how to go to sleep on his own.  He’s 3-years old and in the throws of potty training which means there is like a 30 second window of opportunity for successfully reaching the potty in time once Max shouts “Dada I need to go pee-pee!!!”  Unlike adults, kids hold it till the last second when it might start trickling down their leg then either make it…or don’t.   408 more words

1st Child

The Childlike Author Feels... Gratification

- pleasure achieved by indulging desires or humoring inclinations or feelings; great satisfaction.

Gratification. We’ve all felt it.

How do I know we’ve all felt it, you ask?

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A Modern Classic: SpReAd the Love Children's Book Challenge

I was originally planning to post on a book from my own childhood – Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls.  I bought a copy to re-read it and then promptly misplaced it.   351 more words

Morgan Freeman Makes Everything Awesome

I could listen to this man say “poop” all day…


Do You Want To Have An Orgasm While Pooping? Of Course You Do.

So the “poopgasm” is a thing and we’re going to talk about it.

We all have our weird things that get us off, and that’s wonderful, but poo-games have never been part of my repertoire. 362 more words