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'Boyhood' Producer Offers 'Time Back Guarantee' To Anyone Who Thinks It's A Waste Of Time

As I mentioned in my soon-to-be award-winning review, ‘Boyhood’ is a movie that really grabbed me by the pubes and dared me not to cry, but I could easily see it feeling like a big waste of time if it didn’t get to you emotionally. 194 more words

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On Comics and Representation

You may or may not know that I’ve gotten into comics lately. This came about by going to a comic shop (*gasp*). Realistically, I know that the catalyst was the Avengers movies. 880 more words

Nick Frost Is A Big Fan Of James Franco In 'Spring Breakers'

Husky British actor and all-around delightful gentleman Nick Frost recently sat for an interview with Empire magazine in which he discussed some of his favorite movies, and one of his picks may surprise you. 317 more words

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The Michael Bay Review Graph Seems To Show A Distinct Trend

Not that you really need a Ti-86 and a protractor to tell you that Michael Bay makes crappy movies, but as this infographic seems to suggest, could it be possible that he’s not just making crappy movies, but also making… 192 more words

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How to accept criticism...even if you're Greek!

Hands up. Who likes to be criticised, even positively? Anyone? No, neither do I. *Reaches for the ouzo bottle*.

Unfortunately, when you put your work out into the public forum criticism will inevitably come, and it won’t always be positive or constructive.


'Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films' Are Pretty Much What You Think They Are

The Hollywood Reporter has a new list out today ranking the 100 best movies ever made, according to Hollywood. “Who better to judge the best movies of all time than the people who make them,” they ask. 473 more words

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'Does The Dog Die?' Rates Movies Based On One Important Consideration

There are a lot of ways to rate movies – grades, stars, percentage recommended, tumescence level, number of exposed nipples – but for some people, there’s only one consideration that matters: is there a dog in the film, and does that cuddly snuggle machine live to see the final credits? 338 more words

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