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Confessions of a brokenhearted girl... And the truth behind being a #QUENaddict

So how do I start? How do I start narrating a sad love story?

This post is for my own motivation to let go of the past, live the present and be excited for what future would bring. 784 more words


Bloom Of One's Own

Why it works:

Since this skirt is way too short to wear on it’s own, I knew I needed to pair it with either tights or leggings. 146 more words

Everything Under The Sun

Spring Storm

When you live in a hot place, it’s wonderful to find yourself in situations in  nature that the rest of the nation deplores: a blizzard! These American Coots probably regretted coming to the Sierra early — but the 50 degree weather the week before fooled them! 14 more words

Everything Under The Sun

Album Review: Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost’s sophomore album, Everything Under the Sun, is a true testament to the band’s musical growth and indie rock credibility.  The band’s strongest album yet, Everything Under the Sun has something for everyone, whether it be an infectious upbeat tune like “Mistletoe,” or a soft summer anthem like “Summer Sun.” The album is best heard in its entirety, a rarity in music these days, as most albums are likely to have only a few download-worthy tracks.   712 more words



The sun may set but it will rise again. As feelings come and go. Like people who appears and disappears.

Everything Under The Sun

Do you ever get in the mood to write and then find yourself thinking about and discussing the act of writing more than actually writing?  I bounce around and hype myself up, read wise words from other writers, and pin to… 493 more words

Everything Under The Sun

Classic Stunner

Today’s guest stylist: Brittany

I’m pretty sure Brittany has guest styled on my blog more than anyone else who has ever been on here. She’s gorgeous, fashionable, and has plenty of personality. 21 more words

Everything Under The Sun