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Everything You Need to Know About Game of Thrones Season 4

This is a minor spoiler warning. Although I will not give away and major plot points or character arcs, I will be mentioning a few things from the book. 827 more words


Everything You Need to Know About Captain America; The Winter Soldier

Warning, in doing these brief description pieces I will be spoiling some parts of the movie. Although I am going to avoid large spoilers, both out of courtesy and out of the fact that I have also not yet seen the movie myself, I will be explaining the origins of several of the new characters and plot elements in the upcoming Captain America movies, coming out April 4th. 876 more words


The all new HTC One (2014) Unveiled

With HTC’s  announcement of the HTC One (2014), now all Android top-dogs have a 2014 flagship.

The One special thing..

With HTC’s new One, HTC has at it’s core remain the same but also while adding bigger changes.

Neil Young's PonoPlayer: The audiophile's dream, realized


An audiophile wouldn’t be caught dead with an MP3 player. They will just whine about how MP3 is compressed music and doesn’t have the same quality as fully uncompressed music. 666 more words