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What the height of your heels says about you

>Warning: Sarcastic and offensive content ahead, viewer discretion is advised.<

Flats: 0 inches-Flats either say; Look at me, I’m so cute, I don’t need to be sexy. 54 more words


Guarateed love?

Science can do practically anything these days, so who’s to say it cannot calculate love? Over 20 years ago a psychologist named Arthur Aron managed to make two strangers of opposite sexes fall in love just by sitting them down in a laboratory and making them ask each other 36 questions, after which they looked into each others’ eyes for four minutes. 842 more words

Everything You Need To Know

Motto of the week

So we’ve decided to add a brand new segment here at Lovely Life and it will be ‘Motto of the week’ where we’ll basically post a motto, quote or some sort of advice to lead you for the upcoming week. 100 more words


1. Know thy self

You’ve found yourself enveloped by your friends ranting about the latest Balenciaga looks from PFW, Leandra Medine & Haute Couture. You then discover you’ve been doing the continuous smile-and-nod combination for the last 54 minutes with the lingering thought of:  511 more words


Lejdiz en dzentlmenz: POLECEMO

Nova godina je iscrpela svaki atom snage iz mene.A nije ni pocela.Tako je drage moje dame,uletite na pozornicu kao kraljice burleske, a izadjite kao trecerazredne kucke.Prevrcem se od slatkoce.Sve mirise tako sveze.I dalje udisemo otrovan vazduh ali osecaj je nov.Ljudi kazu da smo druge osobe.Menjamo se po potrebi.Na bolje,nikad na gore.Sve je tako lepo. 176 more words


Oversize coats

Every now and then I tend to get obsessed with a certain trend, and that trend kind of represents that cloathing season for me. Right now I am infatuated with giant coats. 215 more words

Everything You Need To Know