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Alone on the Train

The modern city is a thriving and busy place, yet in such a crowded area, individuals seem to be miles apart. Simmel (1964) argues that the city is an over-stimulating place full of people objects and events, and consequently, city dwellers respond selectively to their environments and are engaged in impersonal and specialized relationships. 241 more words



I feel like I’m stuck
I know where I want to be mentally
But I just don’t know how to get there
It’s like everyone around me is always one step ahead and I’m just staying in one spot… 24 more words


Running #7

Today was one of those weird days where I was quite enthusiastic about getting out the door to go running, but upon arrival and commencement of the run, I discovered my body was not as excited as I was. 304 more words


Bayonetta 2

The long waited Bayonetta 2 finally rolls out on Will U today. I managed to get myself a copy but I haven’t got too far into the game yet. 106 more words


Review: OdorKlenz Laundry Liquid - Naturally Removes Fragrances, Musty Smells & Odors

Absorb Life’s little Odors.

Get Rid of odors from clothes naturally.

OdorKlenz will absorb & neutralize odors naturally, ideal for chemically sensitive people.

Made of safe, Natural earth minerals – Absorbs and Destroys Odors – Non-Bleaching or Staining – Perfume Free – Safe for use around Children and Pets – Ecofriendly. 1,001 more words


Social Justice: Clubs

I’m pretty positive I haven’t promptly told you this but recently I joined a club specified as Social Justice. This spine-tingling year I have been able to join a variety of different clubs since I’m in grade 5. 342 more words


Härliga fredag!

Har kommit igång med gymnasiearbetet vilket känns skönt!
Idag hade vi 2 timmars hål och då tog jag chansen att köra ett benpass på gymmet, det gick riktigt bra idag! 37 more words