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Two very different champions

Within the past few weeks, both the soccer teams on which I play won their respective league championships. These achievements, while trivial in the grand scheme of life, nevertheless fill me with pride and some satisfaction.  1,577 more words



So let’s back to Kings Head….
Irish music 😄


Pohon jati dan daunnya

Pohon jati akan menggugurkan daunnya saat musim kemarau. Begitu juga dengan pohon jati yang satu ini.

Jati ini, saat ini punya lima belas daun. Tidak usah heran apabila nanti daun dari pohon ini juga akan gugur. 77 more words


How to get inspired

Recently, I went around the Community Pool and asked people how they get inspired. Their ideas were so fascinating and helpful that I decided I would do a post on it. 916 more words



Oh my! I can’t believe my last post was my one hundredth! Anyways, to celebrate I have another post for you today, featuring an outfit from this Friday. 233 more words


Columbus Bay and whatnot

Tried attaching this to my previous post… unfortunately, I have the tech abilities of a teaspoon. I’m sorry.


Two Weeks and Counting

So today is the first day of school for a lot of people, but not for me. Nope, uni starts in a month and the summer exam period ends I think on the 21st. 287 more words