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Turkeys don't vote for Christmas

By Ben Durbin

Few things are certain in life – but there are one or two: turkeys don’t vote for Christmas, teachers don’t vote for Ofsted*, and research organisations will always call for more research. 583 more words

Evidence-based Practice

Following #TheOTShow from afar: mental health sessions

I love live tweeting from conferences. Not only does it help me to focus, it also makes me feel connected to other delegates – and to people reading from the comfort of their own homes. 123 more words

Occupational Therapy

Evidence: It's not just for criminal matters.

Evidence is the the basis on which people are tried in courts of justice. Evidence is what people are convicted on in criminal courts and it is what lawyers use to build cases. 264 more words


“Take 5!” (minutes to learn about 4 search strategies)

“TAKE 5” minutes to learn about 4 best strategies to find nursing research articles. Watch the video at this link:

(Well it’s technically 5:23 minutes, but as with calories, who’s counting?) 310 more words

Evidence Based Practice

CEIPP - The Centre for Evidence Informed Policy & Practice

The establishment of an Australian centre of the international ‘Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE)’ has been approved by the CEE board in the UK. Named ‘The Centre for Evidence Informed Policy & Practice’ (CEIPP), The Australian centre’s members include Evidentiary, Monash University, The University of Melbourne, The University of Queensland and the University of Canberra. 116 more words