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Muslims are closer to the Prophets in the Bible (Part 1 of 2)

As I was reading some verses in the Bible, I was astonished to find explicit similarities between descriptions of the Prophets prayers and Muslims prayers. Here I presented some of the similarities I have discovered: 1,246 more words


Buddha was a prophet of God and prophesied about Muhammad (peace be upon him)

From the view point of an outsider, Buddhism is portrayed as a religion which do not ascribe to any form of god. Lewis M Hopfe wrote in his book entitled “Religion of the World” published 1994, “He (Buddha) denied the relevance of gods and the necessity of worship or sacrifice” (page 144).   1,114 more words


Call for evidence-based practice!

Trained in medicine, my mentors always emphasized the importance of evidence-based practice (in a nutshell: decision in our daily practice in managing patients should be based on evidences that a treatment really works, not just “i believe it works” or “my teacher told me so”). 236 more words


Evidence-based practice - The Good, The Bad, and The Unsure

Happy 2015! I hope Christmas 2014 was a good one. It was my daughters 2nd Christmas and I loved watching her running around excitedly with all her new wrapping paper, ignoring the presents it was covering of course! 1,290 more words

Evidence-based Medicine

Part 5: Correlation does not imply causation – wind farms and human health

(Image courtesy of : https://independentaustralia.net/life/life-display/david-suzuki-says-wind-turbines-not-the-problem,5252)

The final edition of this series considers a case study from the health sector which highlights that correlation between two variables does not necessarily imply that one causes the other. 638 more words

Example: Empirical observations vs. mechanistic understanding

The theme of the weekend is examples of the traps we fall into with strict adherence to empiricism in the manner which has dominated current understanding of EBP. 318 more words


Pause, reflect, continue....

Just a moment to pause and reflect a bit more on the comment made by Nate (DPT student – see his comment and my response in the… 449 more words