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Believable & Reliable – Introduction Part 2

In our previous post, we spoke about how we tend to view evidence when it conflicts with what we want to believe. Today we will talk about another feature of human nature as it relates to how we perceive evidence.   701 more words

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Growing a Healthy Family Tree

What does your family tree look like?

Most people think of their family tree as a kind of chart that depicts relationships between family members. Using a tree diagram to represent knowledge is common to many disciplines and has been around for a long time, as the New Scientist article… 526 more words

Genealogy Issues

My presentation to the CITB conference in Leicester on the 17th September

I’m talking to careers advisers again on Wednesday. I’ve been asked to talk about what has happened and what should have happened.

So I’ve put this together to help me. 7 more words


On lines of causality

Yet again a commenter has provided some fantastic insights. I encourage you to read Gregor’s thoughts on my last post. For now I’d like to discuss these paragraphs: 465 more words


How Should I Earnestly Contend for the Faith? Part 3

The second method of apologetics presented in Five Views on Apologetics is evidential apologetics, presented by Dr. Gary Habermas. Dr. Habermas is
Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy and Theology at… 1,321 more words


Does Your Pursuit of Self-Esteem Damage You?

How do we increase our self-esteem, and how do raise children with high self-esteem? Many self-help books try to answer questions like these. So, the pursuit of self-esteem is a central preoccupation in our modern culture.  381 more words


There is zero evidence for a God and we have now proved the entire creation of man in the Bible and Quran to be false. We evolved from other animals and were not created by a God.
» Robert J. Williamson