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How Witchcraft and Evil Eyes Work?

What causes one to be under the influence of witchcraft, evil eyes or Jinn possession?


One must be fully aware that witchcraft is forbidden and is an act of Kufr (denial of Allah); the sorcerer employs devils, and appeals to the Jinn for support in implementing harmful tasks. 276 more words

Knowledge (iLm)

A Celebrity Look That We Need

At a launch party for Jimmy Choo and his new line of sporty footwear called Choo.08 in Beverly Hills. There was of course the usual list of celebrities there to show their support and yes, tons fabulous style. 96 more words


Inspiration: Eye C U

Eye C U by schatzibrown featuring Loeffler Randall

For some reason, I have been inspired by lately by the concept of the third eye. Some scientists believe that we do actual have a sixth sense so to speak.   50 more words


An ode to the evil eye

Sunny pavement and
Cloudy trees
The ocean lives
Upon my doorstep.
Eyes gazing out from my bookshelf
As my favorite novellas
Read me, instead.
Beware the evil eye, 62 more words

Benjamin Verdoes Songwriting Interview

Benjamin Verdoes Songwriting Interview

Current City- Seattle, WA
Record Label- Brick Lane Records
Most Recent Release- ‘The Evil Eye’

Band Affiliations- Iska Dhaaf, Mt. St. 1,077 more words


Eye Spy

All that is unfolding from investigations into the realm of quantum physics is slowly but surely proving to scientists what mystics and mages have known for millennia. 22 more words


Driving haiku

Speed, dove grey, glory…
Mind’s eye questions talisman -
Evil eye halts doom?

Being part of a Turkish-American household, we have the requisite nazar boncuğu… 61 more words