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How to ward off the evil eye...

When travelling in Morocco, you will come across the Hand of Fatima in jewellery shops (as beautiful pendants) or as door knockers on peoples homes – and it is used to ward off the evil eye. 352 more words

The curse of the evil eye protector

I had bought an evil eye symbol for my partner. When the kids saw it, they asked me to explain what it was.

“It’s a protective symbol. 181 more words


Abigail Biggs' Pig

Living in Massachusetts,
Here in 1693,
No secret that the neighbors,
Weren’t very fond of me.

I wasn’t much for kind words,
Or roosters that crowed at dawn, 274 more words


Eye Missed You!

EYE AM BACK – that’s what I am saying to you. Well and truly back. Why is that so important you ask? Well for two simple reasons, really. 432 more words


Evil Eye - Mario Siciliano - 1975

Mario Siciliano’s Evil Eye is weird little psycho-dream. It’s as if you dipped American Psycho in euro-sleaze and draped it in a Lynchian dream logic. The film embraces the style and color of the mid-seventies, and yet it juggles all these great elements so clumsily that it is nearly impossible to experience the film as a whole, and yet the frustrating puzzle demands at least cursory examination. 547 more words


Nails : Evil Eye

Inspiration is everywhere when you actually look for it. I am literally inspired by my beloved evil eye bracelet that I got from Turkey the last time.  243 more words


Auditive Fright Day 1

Halloween, the most exciting day (or should I say night?) of them all is upon us. Let’s have some fun shall we? During this most bone-chilling month I shall post a new horror-themed music video clip every single day for you ghouls and ghoulettes to enjoy. 58 more words