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Winter Collection 2015

Χειροποίητο ασημένιο #κολιέ_τρίγωνο. Αποτελείται από ένα #μενταγιόν_τρίγωνο 15x25mm φτιαγμένο από επιχρυσωμένο ασήμι 925ο με ρίζα #ρουμπινιού. Το μενταγιόν κρέμεται σε λεπτή αλυσίδα μήκους 42cm από οξειδωμένο ασήμι 925ο με κούμπωμα από επιχρυσωμένο ασήμι @ … 1,061 more words

Fashion Jewelry

On the job of cleansing ‘evil eye’

Armed with huge wicker baskets and hands smeared with shades of vermillion, 58-year-old Lakshmamma and her associates make brisk business by warding off ‘evil eyes’ in shopping complexes. 328 more words


If Looks Could Kill!

This is one of my classic vids from America’s Funniest Home Videos courtesy of youTube.

My kids and I loooove watching AFV together in the evenings. 31 more words

Crazy Kids Stuff Sips

A Permanent Souvenir

I got a tattoo in Thailand!

To be clear, I did not go to Thailand thinking “I’m going to get a tattoo there.” I did leave for this trip knowing that I wanted a tattoo to commemorate it, but not putting any pressure on what it would be or when I would get it, figuring I’d know when it was over. 1,038 more words


Still More One-Minute Book Reviews

I don’t read.  I listen to books on CD.  Then I tell you what I think.  Simple enough.

I Am Legend  (1954)

By Richard Matheson… 2,130 more words


Cover Letter/Disciplinary Letter

Just now i have written a cover letter. it’s about my skills.
when i finished typing it i walked through the house, removing items of clothing, placing each garment on the furniture until i reached the bathroom. 85 more words