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Some Ancient Precautions against the Evil Eye

This mosaic is in Antiochia, in southern Turkey, but it was made by someone from the ancient Roman Empire.  It shows all the weaponry and charms the Romans used against the evil eye. 202 more words


Evil Eye

Guess what I found while I was re-organizing?  An evil eye charm.

What is the evil eye?

The beliefs surrounding the evil eye are found in many cultures worldwide, with histories dating back to the ancients.  187 more words


Evil Eye

EVIL EYE – A mystery adventure set in Istanbul

Istanbul beckons Celeste Hamilton like a siren. Entranced by the misty city of mosques, bazaars, and palaces, her dream adventure in this city, split by the sparkling blue sea, soon turns into a nightmare. 153 more words


Fire and Ice: sorcery and superstition

One evening a few years ago we were having dinner with a friend in a tiny village in northern Belarus, not far from the border with Lithuania. 1,174 more words


An Eye For an Eye

The past few months I have been especially obsessing over the evil eye trend.  It’s a versatile graphic that you can find in bold statement options (like the heels below) or more subtle pieces (like the necklace). 104 more words


Evil Eye

The evil eye, called yokhalo or yakhalo, is where someone looks on you with a malevolent intent. Commonly, that is thought of as envy and deriving through coveting of material possessions. 413 more words

Evil Eye