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Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich

What kind of crazy made me think  it was reasonable to order my child’s birthday present six days before her birthday and expect to get away with it? 807 more words


Ultimate greed

The Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) was the largest robbery in broad daylight this country has ever seen. Hundreds of billions of pesos were hurriedly spent for projects that didn’t undergo rigid planning. 883 more words

Tantrums of a juvenile tyrant

I have a confession to make. In September 2009, then Senator Mar Roxas, who was then being groomed to become presidential candidate of the Liberal Party, called up my boss, Governor Niel Tupas Sr. 646 more words

The Great Dishwasher Scam and the Consequences Thereof.

Two days ago I caught my little brother running a long-term chores scam.

See, each of us has to do two chores a day: One in the morning, and one at night. 519 more words


Evil genius

I agree with former Senator Joker Arroyo.
The crafting of the DAP and its misuse to strengthen the hold of the Liberal Party on Philippine politics was evil. 73 more words