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#atozchallenge - U is for Ubume, mourning her loss

Could you carry her poor child, just for a moment?

You might get a nasty surprise …

In Japanese folklore, the Ubume was the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. 116 more words


#atozchallenge - T is for Tiyanak, innocence feigned

They lure the unwary with the ultimate mask.

In the jungles of the Philippine islands, there is an especially evil predator who cries like a baby. 147 more words


#atozchallenge - S is for Sluagh, the Wild Hunt

They hunt at Samhain, conscripting souls.

There are many versions of the Wild Hunt across folklore, a band of evil, misshapen spirits who prowl the darkest nights. 122 more words


#atozchallenge - R is for Rabisu, lurking in shadows

They hide in dark corners, waiting to strike.

A Rabisu is an Akkadian demon who lurks in the thresholds of houses and in the dark shadows of alleys. 87 more words


#atozchallenge - Q is for Qiqirin, prowling the North

He prowls the North, spreading madness.

The Qiqirin spirit hardly seems worthy of attention at first. Skittish and seemingly foolish, this mostly bald dog spirit seems harmless enough.  94 more words