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A Brave New World or Evil Will Make One Lose Their Head


“Fair is foul and foul is fair

Hover through the fog and filthy air.”

If like me you are a follower of The Way then I don’t have to tell you that we live in an age of ever encroaching evil.

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Pain, Suffering, and Evil: Evidence For or Against God's Existence?

This issue of pain, suffering, and evil is one that none of us are removed from. It has and will affect us all in many different ways; everything from skinned knees to the loss of loved ones to human cruelty. 1,192 more words

Acceleration Radio with L.A. 071714

L.A. asked me to post the show late so he could offer his great Coast to Coast special, here is this weeks program!


Acceleration Radio MP3's

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Two Sides To Every Human Being

There are two sides to every Human being and I felt this image I shot represents this. On one side the sky is blue and it seems calm and in a way represents a world free of toil and trouble but quite naturally our heads are drawn to the curious and warm tones of human company with its various mixture of happiness, laughter and sorrow and this is what the left side of this picture represents. 231 more words


Reptiles and Rogues

There is an ongoing cloud of delusion that has been engulfing the earth. It is the same in the small towns as it is in the big cities. 430 more words