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The simple objectives of communism

Alright, many of you non-Jews know that Communism is bad, but don’t know how the Jews carry it out against them. Allow me to make these objectives very clear: They are: 145 more words


The Good and Evil

I often ponder over a question mostly when I have nothing else to do other than staring at my work and wonder if it really reflects the world as I wanted it to do. 419 more words



It pervades like the buzzing engines of an airplane; ceasing only when they have drained themselves into exhaustion. It eats away like the parasite on a blooming flower, stealing the beauty as it grows it strength and power. 371 more words


Malaysian Plane and Our Children

My kids and our neighborhood kids want you to make a difference for them in the future.  Are you going to do something about it? 378 more words


Pat's Pondering -- Evil

Is evil found only in man or does it exist as a separate force, “The devil made me do it” question of many generations? Do we create darkness with our minds sending out animated thought forms of evil, or are stories of fallen angels, conspiracy and controlling aliens true? 114 more words


The wheat and the tares

Click below to read Dr John Williams’ fascinating sermon from last Sunday:

The Wheat and the Tares


Proverbs 6: Be Aware, Be Cautious


Proverbs 6–specifically verse 15 the end of it states “in a moment he will be broken beyond healing..” Maybe it is just me but I have definitely been in a place where I thought I was “broken beyond healing..” People’s words hurt, actions just about kill a person sometimes, and it all leaves you feeling angry and in despair with no one to turn too. 1,765 more words