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Adrenaline is One Hell of a Drug

So my friend read my first article To Evolve or Not to Evolve and wanted to know why I owned 2 Evo’s and the story behind the superman complex. 834 more words


To Evolve or Not to Evolve...

Maybe I should clear things up. ┬áIm not talking about monkeys and apes. No, no. The evolution im speaking of is the 291 hp 300ft.lbs/tq, mountain mastering, backroad bully brought to you by the same company that engineered Japan’s WWII fighter planes and today’s A/C units and televisions; Mitsubishi. 565 more words

getting up to date

Attached is a link to my build thread on the evo m forum which will get everyone pretty much caught up to where I am at this point. 141 more words


EVO killed the radio star | TWreck Films

Mark Aquino’s 2010 Mitsubishi EVO X

Almost everybody has one, but what little thought we give them.
We drive our cars to work and school but even then we don’t give our cars much thought. 326 more words

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