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Blerrie Fockin' Beautiful: Narrative Magazine Story of the Week

Blerrie Fockin’ Beautiful has been selected as this week’s Story of the Week in Narrative Magazine.  They have rendered it beautifully.

Set in the Apartheid era, circa 1950’s on a Platteland farm near Pretoria, it tells a biblical tale of pride and retribution. 58 more words

Involution Related Ideas

A little Summertime acrylic

This is out of my usual painting style, but I have been trying to experiment with ”Just going with it”. Taking a canvas and without any thought or direction, ”just go with it” and follow your brush! 12 more words

A Shadow in Yucatan- The Meaning (and feeling) of Birth and Loss

Today was the long planned for launch of A Shadow in Yucatan. Timed to co-ordinate with the Great Digital Book Giveaway. Instead it has been deleted from their site. 456 more words

On Speaking And Writing

Carers: Invisible & Invaluble

Britains invisible army of carers, saving the nation billions since 1984…

You may need to click on the image to see it better. Tis something i designed myself based on the feedback i read on carers blogs and the one word that always comes up is invisible…unfortunately i know that feeling too. 29 more words


Sixes & Sevens

To be “at sixes and sevens” is a British English idiom used to describe a state of confusion or disarray.

A carers state of mind some of the time…a persons mind with Dementia nearly all of the time…



Two friends with whom our families have grown up, are selling up and leaving the area. In one case it is primarily for work, though it will be an easier place for family to travel to, to meet up. 226 more words