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Lazy Man or Bad Slave?

Form, any form, is by its shear nature, a slave to what ever hand prompts its movement or service.

At least with the African-American slaves, they could see who was whipping them. 468 more words

Alternative Thought

Ask the Biological Anthropologist: Issue #2

Last year I introduced a Q&A feature to the blog, inviting any and all questions related to primates/evolution/anthropology.    Today I’m pleased to present Issue #2 of Ask the Biological Anthropologist! 1,303 more words


Arguments Against Evolution pt. 8

The previous post followed the lineage of our own species up until the australopithecines. We now turn to our Homo predecessors in this, the eight and final post in the “Arguments Against Evolution” series. 1,058 more words


When fish began to walk

In this interactive module, explore the anatomical changes in four-limbed animals (tetrapods) as they evolved from fish.


For more resources from BioInteractive and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, please visit their website at: … 45 more words


Purpose of knowledge and circle of influence

Teaching or sharing knowledge is difficult task. The act of understanding is even greater task to accomplish successfully because it depends on the transmuting of knowledge into wisdom and the repetition of practice and discipline in performing wholesome acts and maintaining wholesome thoughts and intent. 191 more words



New research suggests pre-Homo human ancestral species, such asAustralopithecus africanus, used human-like hand postures much earlier than was previously thought.

Anthropologists from the University of Kent, working with researchers from University College London, the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig (Germany) and the Vienna University of Technology (Austria), have produced the first research findings to support archaeological evidence for stone tool use among fossil australopiths 3-2 million years ago. 271 more words

University College London

Issue 6.1

Issue 6.1 is now online!

Our first issue of 2015 is now online!

This month we include one freely available Applications article:

A biochemical approach… 311 more words

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