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“You think your ancestors were monkeys”

All the scientists decided to tell God to retire, now that they had figured out a way to make a human being from the soil itself. 716 more words

Irrational Faith

On the verge of life

Cheesy but undeniable, love is the ultimate trait that makes us human. Chemists call it hormones, artists paint it in red and Freddie Mercury thinks it is a crazy thing. 752 more words


Neoteny, Paedogenesis, Paedomorphosis / Domestication

“Men to boys; Women to girls” from my blog How I Fell in Love with Homo erectus


Paedogenesis: reproduction by young or larval animals; the animal reaches sexual maturity while remaining otherwise immature. 925 more words

Modern Humans

Evolutionary Fictions: On Plot Holes, Deus ex Machina and Other Crimes Against Fiction

Johnny Came Home is my superhero sci-fi novel set in the town of Midwich, West Virginia. Noting that microbes-to-man evolution is the the preferred explanation for comic book super powers these days, I basically set out to see if superheroes could be explained from a Biblical creationist POV. 1,458 more words

Defending Genesis

Bad Russian Science

My daily Geo-calendar reminds me to consider events in the evolving history of Earth Sciences. Yesterday’s little blurb on that calendar commemorated the birth of… 611 more words