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Evolution Is Not What @Joengdeborah Thinks

I was contacted through twitter by someone who had written an article they wanted me to read. I did, and was, frankly, horrified at the ignorance. 2,875 more words


Peppered Moths revisited: The epigenetic caterpillar & the story of the Blind Cave Fish

Below is an excerpt (Chapter Ten) from the ebook entitled: ‘The Darwin Delusion: But Old Mr. Darwin wasn’t to Blame’. This sample chapter should also give you a flavour of the next project, which is well under way: the new paperback book by the title ‘ 8,671 more words

Alternative Evolution

The Evolution of Unicellularity

It’s the annual BEACON center gathering this weekend, when us evolution-in-action eggheads gather and think deep thoughts. One session I attended today focused on major transitions in evolution… 1,273 more words



This movie is not science fiction. It is not even science propaganda. It is science pornography… They realy do believe that we would all be better off abandoning commitment and marriage, and embracing hedonism.

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What the hell is "Information" anyway?

DNA, ideas, knowledge, books, computations, schedules, job descriptions, money(!), bank accounts, music, culture, beliefs and every last thing that has some importance in our lives has something to do with “information”, but still, all my attempts to find a no-nonsense, unique definition of information that can be directly applied to all of the above have failed. 2,413 more words


Random thoughts on Antifragility (Part 2): the role of heuristics

How can we prepare for the unexpected? One of the central features of Nassim N. Taleb book “Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder” is that the great big world is essentially ( 1,656 more words