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Are Rocks Clocks? Support for millions and billions of years? Installment V

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To get to the heart of where the idea of millions and billions came from and how secular elites “found” time, we must continue in our discussions of what transpired during the Enlightenment. 578 more words


New Q&A series

Last week I solicited friends and family to help me initiate a new feature for the blog: Ask the Biological Anthropologist!  I invited people to submit any and all queries related to primates and/or evolution, and I received so many great questions that I’ll be making ‘Ask’ a regular feature henceforth. 1,003 more words


Evolution and Atheism

Evangelicals of a certain stripe often claim that Darwin’s theory of evolution is a path to atheism as it undermines sacred scripture. They work feverishly to undermine that theory and to oppose it in school classrooms with the teaching that “God did it” instead. 315 more words


Humanism's priest dazzles with tales of the cosmos

One of the newest promotions within the priesthood of humanism’s church has apparently gone to Neil deGrasse Tyson. He has become, for now, the chief and most visible representative of the modern god of humanism.   232 more words


Living NOW

Living in your ‘now’ does not mean forgetting your past, nor does it mean stopping the planning for your future. Enjoy the fullness of every

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Brains plus Brawn and The Evolution of the Human Head

I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of whether or not human evolution is a story of brains over brawn. I study the evolution of the… 117 more words


The Evolution of Frugivory in the Bat family of Phyllostomidae

This article attempts to address the issue: why do some lineages consist of many species with a large degree of variation where as others have only a few species, with little variation? 408 more words