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The Invisible Hand of the Black Queen

I’m guest-blogging this week at the BEACON Center for the Study of Evolution in Action, so check out my post on economics, microbial social evolution theory, and… 164 more words


Getting to the GALAPÁGOS

Galápagos and Archipelago – unpronounceable at first (as I am another-mother-tonguer); two weird words supposed to name something. Together they meant a place I was going to go to – apart they confused me. 1,319 more words


Hard-wired 20: Heading into dangerous territory

I haven’t updated the Hard-wired blog series for a long time. That’s partly because I’ve been busy doing other things, partly because I’ve been learning more about the subject of evolutionary psychology and partly because I’m actually a little reluctant to put what I’ve been learning ‘out there’ in an easily accessible blog. 772 more words



So let me get this right…you use a computer and the internet, you watch tv, use a smartphone, take medicine when you are sick, you fly on airplanes, drive in cars, live in a modern home with smoke detectors and security system, use clean tap water, use clothes that are mass produced, use toilets and toilet paper, your church use modern sound system, you use electricity, you cook on a stove or in the oven, you live a life surrounded by and likely dependent on science… but you think scientists are lying to you about evolution?


Mycobacterium Tuberculosis- Evolving With The Enemy: How TB may have Influenced our Own Evolution

 Mycobacterium tuberculosis is an acid-fast pathogen that is a huge plague upon humanity, even within developed countries. Although this pathogen has a low rate of incidence in these countries now, a sign of its impact can be seen within the UK where Sanitoriums (long-term clinical facilities dedicated to the treatment of chronic diseases like tuberculosis) were still in use as recently as the 1970’s. 1,141 more words

Difficulty 2

Climate Change and the End of Males

We’ve all heard of the ice caps melting, sea levels rising, the threat of habitat destruction and complete ecosystem change. Global warming is expected to… 282 more words