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The Semantic Apocalypse | Speculative Heresy

The fact is we all suffer from cognitive egocentrism. We all seem to intuitively assume that we have won what I call the ‘Magical Belief Lottery.’ We cherry pick confirming evidence and utterly overlook disconfirming evidence. 116 more words


Why does Richard Dawkins lie?

Richard Dawkins’ hero is Charles Darwin. In his eyes Darwin is brilliant and almost a god: ’Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.’ 1  Darwin is supposed to have proven that evolution is true. 624 more words

Richard Dawkins

Sadistic Psychology / Eye Contact

Much of what is considered “normal” human behavior is cruel and damages children.

Eye contact “rules” are culturally diverse, but originate in our animal nature: eye contact goes back to predator / prey behavior. 237 more words

Female Asperger

More Young Earth "Reasons"

earth is around 6018 years old according to Bible backed by science

Evidences that show Universe is 6000
– no much settlement in bottom of the ocean despite erosion…

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Pope Francis leading Catholics astray on evolution.

Sadly Pope Francis on October 27th, 2015 in the Pontifical Academy of Sciences address in Italian clearly indicated he accepts evolution and the billions-of-years timescale. This is not surprising, since the Catholic church has accepted evolution for about fifty years now. 529 more words