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REVIEW - Driveclub [PS4]

Sony is a platform holder that’s never been stuck for racing franchises. When the PSOne launch in 1994, the launch line-up was bolstered by the system selling Riiiiiidgge Raccccerrr. 580 more words


GIF Compilation (I)

I’m really late to the party with this (there are already better options technically), but recently because the MotorStorm feature I’ve started creating some GIFs. And I find them like a good way to show some gaming moments that there are great, but not enough to a proper blog entry or other that I find funny for any reason. 345 more words


Most DriveClub Users Should Now Be Able to Connect

Evolution Studios announced via Facebook on Saturday that most DriveClub players “should now be able to connect and play online.”  We had previously told you about the… 54 more words


Online On DriveClub Should Work Now

According to Evolution Studios, most DriveClub players should be able to go online now. 232 more words


Driveclub Info Sheet

Driveclub was released last week and here is the Info Sheet. Check it out!


Three Thousand MPH in Driveclub?

A recently discovered Driveclub glitch displays impossibly high speeds, as uncovered by Twitter user Sebastian Zeitz103 more words


Driveclub Review (PS4)

Driveclub’s rocky start in terms of online connectivity bodes ill for this new racing game from Evolution Studios. A PS4 exclusive, the new racing title was a main proponent for the Sony platform and was a key feature at their trade show presentations. 685 more words

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