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In India,the economic distribution has been extremely poor since many decades.Along with huge population,it remains to be one of the major reasons for unbalance in every aspect of the country.Our neighbor nation,China,which faced similar problems,has made   progress in front of our eyes;but we are still lingering in the never ending race of developing nation. 441 more words


Am I a geneticists?

The answer is no. I understand genetics like my dog understands where I go when I leave the house everyday. I know it’s real, I’ve dabbled a little bit in it, but there’s also more that I don’t know than I know I don’t know. 575 more words


Darwin at the feet of Jesus?

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Tomorrow, we’re delving into a mighty question in church (and Christian Scientists & others around the world have been sitting with this question all week in prayer): … 657 more words


In a sense evolution is immortality. What the Vedas stated as rebirth is actually the continual cycle of refinement that the packet of information we’ve come to call DNA goes through in being transferred across life, over time. 383 more words


A New Thermodynamics Theory of the Origin of Life | Quanta Magazine

England then determined how such systems tend to evolve over time as they increase their irreversibility. “We can show very simply from the formula that the more likely evolutionary outcomes are going to be the ones that absorbed and dissipated more energy from the environment’s external drives on the way to getting there,” he said. 31 more words


The Winds of Change

Bringing new faces and names
Aims and days
Phases and ways

The colors
Dull, normal, effervescent
Cycling through livelihood
Through what could
What would
What should… 43 more words

Philosophical Poetry

The Language of the Universe

I receive inspiration everywhere, and I allow miracles to happen through me! Tonight, I am sharing the miracle of infinite knowledge after being inspired by random posts on this subject. 932 more words