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Ichthyosaur Fossil Discovered On UK Beach

A 7-foot-long, fossilized skeleton of an extinct marine reptile has been discovered in the U.K. Jonathan Bow, a 34-year-old computer programmer, found what’s believed to be an ichthyosaur fossil as he walked along Penarth Beach in South Wales with his brother, Wales.“Something this large and complete is a once in a lifetime find,” Bow, an amateur fossil hunter, said of the reptile remains. 227 more words


Mastering Evolution: Hopes, Trends, and Dreams

I appear as a feature contributor in the Learning Exchange E-Journal‘s Edition 99 which has just been released. This edition is about future focus – hopes, coming trends….and dreams for 2015. 199 more words


“Jesu li ljudi evoluirali da bi bili gluplji?”

Naiđem na temu o piramidama i naravno neizbježni odgovori su, vanzemaljci, divovi, naši pretci su bili primitivni te isti u nemogućnosti da naprave jednu tako kolosalnu stvar!? 736 more words


Life (poem)

Organic chemicals, swimming round,

the pond water swells, heated from the ground.

Here is where it began,

Life! From tadpole to Man!

Who knows what kicked it off, 123 more words


I am constantly fascinated by the planet we live in. Out of all the exploration we’ve done in outer space we have yet to find a place like Earth with an abundance of life. 116 more words


Anthrolactology is not a real word.

But maybe it should be. I wish I had thought of it last year, when Cecilia Tomori and I first kicked around the idea of organizing a session on anthropology and breastfeeding for the 2014… 744 more words

AAA 2014

Liquid laughter

Slow evolution.

Laughter, so purely happy,


Like a different language.

A soprano quality,

More joyful,

Pure and clear.

And my reflection

Seemed like a stranger… 40 more words