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time to retune

Kryon has recently channelled we are beginning to actually experience a ‘Shift’. A significant movement forward is finally breaking through after the precession of the equinoxes event in 2012. 414 more words

Spiritual Awakening

Ben Stein in Alleged Sexting Scandal

This will be a very brief post because: (1) although this “news” is all over the blogosphere, we’re dubious about the sources; (2) your Curmudgeon isn’t a scandal monger, so even if the story is true, dwelling on it would be unworthy of our blog; and (3) it is unseemly to gloat over someone’s misfortune. 535 more words



So let me get this right…you use a computer and the internet, you watch tv, use a smartphone, take medicine when you are sick, you fly on airplanes, drive in cars, live in a modern home with smoke detectors and security system, use clean tap water, use clothes that are mass produced, use toilets and toilet paper, your church use modern sound system, you use electricity, you cook on a stove or in the oven, you live a life surrounded by and likely dependent on science… but you think scientists are lying to you about evolution?


The Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall - Wait... What?!

It’s become a scientifically accepted theory that the universe is a star’s fart away from being 13.8 billion years old. Easy to wrap your head around, right? 1,011 more words


Evolution: A Third Way? work in progress....

The above image is the front cover, in the making, of my physical book about alternatives to Darwinian evolution – hence the title: Evolution: A Third Way? 168 more words

Alternative To Darwinism