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"The Cup Of Iniquity"

In the Scriptures we’re told that God wants people to believe on Him and be saved (1 Timothy 2:4). He is very long suffering and patient (2 Peter 3:9). 1,400 more words


Was Man Created Or Did We Evolve?

No Evidence Supporting Evolution.

There is no scientific evidence for the belief in evolution. When scientist make claims of findings supporting evolution and later they have been proven false they fail to remove those claims. 1,428 more words


Stardust to stardust

Our life began as cosmic dust floating out in the nether of space. Hitching rides among the celestial giants that streaked through the universe, spanning galaxies and starfields, we were naught but proverbial mice aboard the ship of life. 568 more words


Weaponized insulin? These snails have it

That’s a new finding by biologists at the University of Utah, where I work.

Cone snails are abundant in most tropical marine waters, especially around coral reefs. 530 more words


55,000 year-old skull found in Manot Cave (Western Galilee, Israel) sheds new light on early human migration out of Africa... is first evidence Neanderthals co-inhabited region with Homo Sapiens

Yahoo News: A partial skull retrieved from a cave in northern Israel is shedding light on a pivotal juncture in early human history when our species was trekking out of Africa to populate other parts of the world and encountered our close cousins the Neanderthals. 27 more words


A Reason to Believe ~ Consistency

If someone asked you why or why don’t you believe in God, what would you say? What gives you the confidence to stand firmly on your beliefs and boldly claim that all other philosophies are incorrect? 762 more words

Discoveroids: All Theology, All the Time

The Discovery Institute keeps denying that their “theory” of intelligent design is creationism, but the posts at their creationist website seem to indicate otherwise. We’ve written before about how they keep making admissions about the religious nature of their designer, whom they never officially identify as Yahweh (because they always pretend that their “theory” is science), but neither they nor their fans have any doubts about who their designer really is. 946 more words