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How are fossils dated? They are dated by the layer or strata of rock in which they are found. How is a strata of rock dated, geologists date the rock strata by the fossils found within it. 71 more words


How to survive an alien invasion

If you have been living under a rock for the last six months, or you’ve been so incredibly busy that you missed your friend’s article in the paper that went nation wide, then this post is for you. 682 more words


Exposing your art

Last night after art class, I learned the hard way about how painful it can be to expose your art. I did a self-portrait drawing and was pretty proud of my work. 165 more words


Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels (Documentary)

More information here.

A thought…

Science is defining the universe by what we can observe. Faith is defining the universe by what we can’t observe. 58 more words


Simulated Evolution of Preys & Predators using GAs & NNs

This project was an attempt to simulate how successive generations of preys & predators learn to run and chase respectively.

Language & Technology Used: C# & … 280 more words


Primate hands

I want to share this amazing picture I found in a written documentary about evolutionary biology and primatology.

Reference: reportage Le Figaro Magazine, juillet 2014