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Quote of the Day: Besant

“‘Some one ought to do it, but why should I?’ — ‘Some one ought to do it, so why not I?’
Between these two sentences lie whole centuries of moral evolution.” 15 more words


An evolutionist comes clean on the impossibilty of evolution by stating we are alone

Evolutionists want everyone to think that science is settled on evolution — that it is a hard, cold scientific fact. But it is actually just a theory on how life developed on earth and it’s not a very good one. 750 more words


The Pope is a Fraud

Echoing the language of scoffers and skeptics, Pope Francis has made it even more blatantly clear that he is not a Christian or even a theist. 422 more words



Blindsight by Peter Watts

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Peter Watts himself intuits the main problem of this ambitious but uneven novel in his end notes when he ponders how “shitloads of essential theory threatened to overwhelm the story, not to mention the problem of generating reader investment in a cast of characters who were less cuddlesome than usual.” 183 more words

Is Evolution true?


I wonder about this often. Sometimes, my thoughts are light, sometimes my thoughts are deep, and I meditate about Evolution. And I read way too much. 159 more words


Plow through to find the...

I don’t really know anyone’s backstory, which puts me at as much of an advantage as a disadvantage. It means that I don’t have any preconceived notions, but it also means that I don’t give them credit for anything that I haven’t experienced personally. 1,045 more words


The pattern of human worship

A couple of days ago, Charlize Theron came to my city, along with Sean Penn. they were filming some scene a couple of blocks from where I live. 472 more words