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Evolution Is Wanted by Decoration Themes

Evolution is so wanted at 100% Design and style South Africa. It is a great firm founded by the wonderful Amanda du Plessis. Evolution Solution creates and markets gorgeous, sleek and emotive solution lines, furnishing and fabrics. 28 more words

I visited the Grand Canyon and saw the various rock strata that geologists say took millions of years for the Colorado River to eat away a canyon of that size. 110 more words


The First Confession - Beginning of the End

I’ve never been your typical Christian. I wasn’t raised in a super religious home. We didn’t go to church. We celebrated Christmas and Easter. I was taught the basics of the Bible. 247 more words


The Hardest Part of Traveling That No One Talks About

This spoke to my experience of returning from Ghana so much. We even talked about it before coming home because we knew it would be bad, and it was. 73 more words


Dinosaurs: Not So Old After All

Acta Histochemica

Volume 115, Issue 6, July 2013, Pages 603–608

“Soft sheets of fibrillar bone from a fossil of the supraorbital horn of the dinosaur… 425 more words