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For Wheel Grunt: Subaru WRX STi.

Once upon a time there was a motorsport category called the World Rally Championship. Such was the clout it had, the drivers were household names and car makers couldn’t throw enough coin at it. 1,628 more words


Theres Something In The Water

One of my favorite movies stars Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra , a down and out loser (and really unattractive for Bradley) suffering from writer’s block… 762 more words


Still Church, but not with evolution

Crazy church signs are a genre unto itself. This one graces (pardon the pun) the Calvary Baptist Temple in Fort Collins, Colorado, whose motto is below: 109 more words


"Um," "Like," And So On: It's Language Evolution

Kimberly Martin, 17 September 2014 — Everyone knows the sophomore sorority girl speaking stereotype. They roll their eyes, twirl a lock of hair around their finger, and use the word “like” at least ten times in less than three sentences. 721 more words


What if these crises presented the greatest opportunity in recorded history – conscious evolution?

Good news! There is biology and evolution on our side.

Contrary to what conventional science and religion have been telling us, evolution is neither random nor predetermined, but rather an intelligent dance between organism and environment. 216 more words

And If You Do NOT Believe in: Religion, Atheism, Agnosticism, or Scientology?

I was surprised looking up the terminology and finding out that there is not one that properly defines “one who does not believe in organized religion”, and/or believes that “it is beyond a human beings ability to fathom and communicate with the supernatural”, yet still believes in a God or Creator. 297 more words

Evolution -- The Greatest Hoax of All Time

We’re warning you right up front: this one comes from RenewAmerica, where Ellis Washington’s columns have been appearing ever since he stopped writing for WorldNetDaily for reasons unknown to us. 873 more words