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Vintage Cameras vs. Oblivion

In place of cameras, we have smartphones, the hatedGlass… maybe sometime in the future no external device at all. Given this trajectory, it’s entirely understandable that all sorts of people—steampunks, antiquarians, Luddites, analog fetishists, middle-age hipsters, etc.—would grow nostalgic not only for the cracked, striated monochrome patina of vintage photographs, but also for the boxes—large and small, simple and highly complicated—that produced them. 22 more words


Embracing Evolution: But Which Model? | Reformation21 Blog

Contrary to popular opinion, Charles Darwin did not invent the theory of biological evolution. But his famous work, The Origin of Species, certainly gave impetus to an idea that would quickly become orthodoxy in the scientific establishment. 73 more words

Black Friday Beatitudes

TV: Hey Ray, I snagged this 96 inch Sony LCD HD 3D Smart TV, complete with 24 HDMI ports, 16 USBs, Blue Tooth audio, with 25.4 JBL surround sound for a measly $2.99!!!  290 more words