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Segmented Sleep: Our Ancestral Pattern?

I heard about segmented sleep a couple years ago. The idea is that you sleep for maybe three hours, then get up and putter around for two or three hours, then go back to sleep for another three or four hours. 343 more words

Paleo Theory

Creationism and why it isnt taught in the science classroom.

Creationism is the belief that everything was created by some type of specific acts of Divine beings. The most notable creationist story is biblical. God created the heavens and the Earth is seven days, including everything on it. 299 more words

Little do we know

I took this picture on a late Friday afternoon. I had left work early, and I decided to drive to the Marina Barrage to take in some fresh air. 295 more words

A Coming Out Post

Hello friends! I shot this video about 10 days ago. Then, before I got a chance to post it, I was violently ill for a day … suffered increasing abdominal pain for another day … was admitted to the emergency department … and underwent surgery early last Monday morning. 221 more words


Three Evolutions (2014)

1. Woods.
2. Outhouse.
3. Toilet.
Inside too-
When you do what you gotta do.



I haven’t talked much about my individual classes but today I want to say a little but about my anthropology class. I really really love this class and I took it because it counts as one of my lab sciences. 320 more words