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Question: who should Evolution's fourth member be?

So Evolution have returned, ten years on from their original incarnation.

Of course, the original idea was that the quartet embodied the best of the past, present and future of professional wrestling – but a decade later, they’ve all stepped up a generation. 232 more words



Hear us, silly Earthlings. Madness, that of people and nations alike, a zoo
of peoples, and His mysteries, crossing ages, are clues.
Nazcan lines, pyramids, ancient prophets et, al., mysteries all, clue you… 273 more words

Cybernetic Education

The Future of Trans Genetic Femininity

For thirty-three years the available data has been constantly fed into a Sinclair ZX81; Colonel Ho’s Secret Algorithm has unlocked the truth of human evolution. With this knowledge at my fingertips I have been able to capture The Future of Trans Genetic Femininity.

How precise is limb regeneration in axolotls?

Ferchault de Réaumur, in 1712, said that during regeneration “Nature gives back to the animal precisely and only that which it has lost, and she gives back to it all that it has lost”. 711 more words


Review: Calculating God by Robert J. Sawyer

I decided to have a go with Calculating God by Robert J Sawyer because the notion of an outsider coming into our society and attempting to prove God’s presence was intriguing to me. 563 more words

Muse Reviews

A Sense of Place

I love maps.  Topographical, road, flight maps, ancient there-be-dragon maps and modern maps with ever-changing borders.  An elementary school assignment — I can’t remember what grade — involved writing a log for a trip around the world.   723 more words

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