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Why video games can make you stronger

Like all topics, if you have never immersed yourself in the ‘thing’ then it is very hard to relate on a subjective level. Gaming is one of those topics that is often misunderstood and prejudged as a ‘waste of time’. 293 more words

Personal Evolution

November 24, 1859: Insulting Monkeys

Charles Darwin was not expecting a seismic event when on November 24, 1859, he introduced a little volume with the catchy title On the Origin of Species. 318 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Fluid Metamorphasis

A raindrop falling
Caught by boreal gusting
Whipped into a snowflake
A wafting joyous rebirth.


Craster's Incestual Recursion

He marries his daughters, and they give him more daughters, and on and on it goes.
- Edison Tollett

During one of my usual afternoon discussions with fellow graduate students, we strayed on the precarious path of…

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Operational and historical science: What are they?

Two types of science: Operational or experimental and historical or forensic.  Historical science deals with origins, the unseen past, unobserved past events. Operational science deals with the present, not the past. 573 more words

John Hartnett

I am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ

         “I am not ashamed of the name of Christ” was one of the sermons I preached during the past summer months in Croatia and Serbia. I had the joy of preaching at six churches: a house church in Belgrade, International Christian Fellowship Church in Belgrade, Pentecostal Church in Pancevo in Serbia, and three Baptist churches in Croatia – in Malesnica, Zagreb and in Rijeka and Karlovac. 56 more words

Jesus Christ

DNA Polymerase in Celebration of Evolution Day

Today’s Anton tells us about a structure behind one aspect of evolution.

What does it look like?

What is it?

Today is evolution day, the day where the publication of Charles Darwin’s seminal work On the Origin of Species in 1859 is celebrated. 451 more words

Biological Structures