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Where does the Institute of Creation Research publish its findings?

I recently came across the post Research at ICR (Institute of Creation Research) written in 2012 by Jason Lisle, PhD. ICR is a young earth creationist organization. 1,581 more words


A very early fish

Many readers sent me a note about this paper, but, given my schedule, I simply hadn’t gotten around to reading it. Fortunately, Greg did, and gives us a nice summary of what it means. 1,013 more words


Evolution’s “strongest” argument – Genetics is failing too!

Once upon a time while debating evolution I would often times find myself encouraging my opponents away from old worn-out topics (like fossils) onto what I felt was their “strongest” argument: genetics.  442 more words


Creationist fired for finding dinosaurs thousands, not millions of years old!

The researcher peered through the electron microscope gazing at cells of soft tissue freed from within the calcified remains by four weeks of immersion in mild acid. 979 more words

Jellyfish: A sting in Evolution


As an incurable fish tank hobbyist I do my homework on care for exotic fish and corals to keep in a tank. Oh I could walk you around so many things, but one thing that stands out alot is the Jellyfish. 1,205 more words


The Crackhead Cig Report... The 2nd Report

So I have began to fall back on the inhale and exhale of the nicotine silent killer… The new commercial featuring the removal of teeth plays in my head… And then I realized… The more time I talk on the phone… The more the drags extend themselves…. 180 more words

A Primer On Eugenics - and why it's stupid

Roughly, Eugenics is the philosophy of using science to improve the general human population by controlled breeding, and/or genetic therapy/ intervention to increase the inheritance of desirable heritable characteristics – intelligence, height, looks, health etc… Eugenics pictures the perfect human as having optimal health and optimal intelligence. 731 more words