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the Evolution we Live!

Living with what we have, Is a life that’s being,
Lived over and over, Again and again,
Thinking of what we don’t have, Will bring it to us, 65 more words


Did genetic links to modern maladies provide ancient benefits?

A study finds that humanity’s early ancestors had genetic variations associated with modern disease, and now the question is why

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Psoriasis, a chronic skin condition, can cause rashes that itch and sting. 889 more words


The origin of life: Labyrinths as crucibles of life

Water-filled micropores in hot rock may have acted as the nurseries in which life on Earth began. A team has now shown that temperature gradients in pore systems promote the cyclical replication and emergence of nucleic acids. 679 more words


The Perfect Pigeon

The Economics of Evolution : The Perfect Pigeon

The Economics of Evolution project was a concept developed and implemented by studio PSK. I was approached to support studio PSK with the development of there physical installation, specifically the creation of the perfect pigeon stands. 119 more words

Personal Projects

Ancient 'genomic parasites' spurred evolution of pregnancy in mammals

Large-scale genetic changes that marked the evolution of pregnancy in mammals have been identified by an international team of scientists. They found thousands of genes that evolved to be expressed in the uterus in early mammals. 885 more words


Lucy in the Sky

Sitting in a dark quite room at 3am wondering about the evolution of man.  Wondering how to tap into that percentage of the brain that fills every void that mankind can’t fathom exist.  137 more words