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LGBT Group Protests Evolution

MUDCAT FALLS — A local alternative lifestyle advocacy group, Cranky LesGaBiTransians for Accommodation in Public, staged a demonstration in front of Calabash-Hoover High School today to protest the teaching of the Theory of Evolution. 281 more words

Mudcat Falls Hometown News

A Profession of Science and Faith: My Religious Background

Not too long ago I was asked “what do you actually believe?” in reference to my very core beliefs. I knew the person was asking about my “faith,” or religion. 1,548 more words


Corvette Evolution GT - Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS Racing Games | Corvette Evolution GT – Nintendo DS

Race some of the most beautiful cars ever made! Take your turn on the world racing stage as you speed your way around Europe in a high performance race featuring cars from manufacturers like GM, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. 8 more words

BBC - DNA yields secrets of human pioneer

The genome sequence from a thigh bone found in Siberia shows the first episode of mixing occurred between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago.The male hunter is one of the earliest modern humans discovered in Eurasia.  44 more words

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Country Music

Many are aware that drinking, trucks, bring free/ free-spirit, sex, love, and break ups are prominent themes in country songs (thank you Taylor Swift!). My first favorite country artists were Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift. 741 more words


Creationism is Wrong, Trust Us

So sayeth those opposed to Creationism, the belief that an all-powerful God created the universe and all that we see and perceive in the physical or even spiritual world.   884 more words


Phlogiston, Vitalism, and Information

History is littered with bad ideas. In the realm of politics, bad ideas can kill you; in economics they can impoverish you. In science … well, what can we say about Wikipedia’s list of… 904 more words