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Journey #6: What evolution did to my faith in God - Examining the status of my faith mathematically using Bayes theorem

I’m skipping ahead to March, 2014, as this post relates to Journey #3: Opinions with strong priors.

Here, I was struggling with how I can know anything, and how to evaluate the impact the evidence for evolution was having on my belief in the existence of God. 2,115 more words

The Journey

Shrinking dinosaurs evolved into flying birds

A new study involving scientists from the University of Southampton has revealed how massive, meat-eating, ground-dwelling dinosaurs evolved into agile flying birds: they just kept shrinking and shrinking, for over 50 million years. 25 more words


From time to time I get some really cool stuff on my Twitter feed……like this one……


Sophistry and Illusion regarding Assisted Dying

Wesley J. Smith is a well-known American sophist and “fellow” of the sophistical Discovery Institute. When my wife Elizabeth died in Switzerland — indeed, only a few days after her death — without having ever met her, he made statements that were not only inaccurate, but quite straightforward lies. 4,176 more words

Assisted Dying

Conflicting Opinions

I have a scientific mind. I enjoy learning and reading about science. I studied geology at school and grasped the ideas and proof of geological time and the different groups of animal fossils that are found in different aged rocks. 495 more words

Casey Proves the Validity of Religion

We have yet another example of the Discovery Institute’s doctrinal convergence with Answers in Genesis (ol’ Hambo’s online ministry). The latest item of dogma the two share in common is that atheists don’t exist. 988 more words