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The Modern Ape

Hey Gang!

There are three things that one must accept in this world. 1. Sharks are the perfect predators, swim accordingly; 2. Dolphins are able to notice their own reflections, one of two which includes humans.; 3. 943 more words

Deus Dominus Machina

Let’s do something totally unproductive today: Let`s play god.

Well, it`s going to be “playing god” if you go with the saying “Evolution is god’s way of issuing upgrades”. 647 more words

Science Communication

Humans Are A Stupid Species

There are those who believe humans are the crowning glory of evolution, or God’s greatest achievement. They enjoy their delusion that they are part of an accomplished and intelligent species. 211 more words

Genesis 1:1

Gen 1:1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.(KJV)
John 1:1 has “The Logos existed in the very begining, the Logos was with God, the Logos was divine.”(Moffat Translation) 75 more words


The Intermediate State and the Soul (Part 2): A Response

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog in response to Garrett Crawford’s philosophy of the mind (found here). A day later Crawford responded with a very brief, and very rude… 1,770 more words


Evolutionary Psychology

So there is some controversy about the history of evolution. It mainly conflicts with the concepts of some religions. I myself am a person of science. 114 more words

Evolution, Fact, or Religion?

Over the course of time, many myths have arisen. Many idiotic, hair-brained theories with absolutely no evidence have been accepted as truth.

Five hundred years ago, the entire scientific community was convinced that the earth was completely flat. 1,214 more words