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#AlexfromTarget – An Unexpected Consequence of Technology

Yes, I’m belatedly jumping on the #AlexfromTarget bandwagon, but it’s in service of a greater truth that I’m trying to illustrate. Last column, I… 601 more words

Online Trends

Road Rage Psychology - courtesy of Urban Velo

Road Rage Psychology

I’ve always felt the argument that one rule-breaking cyclist (“You ran a red light?! Now we’re all gonna die!!”) is what compels drivers to hate all our collective guts, is very weak. 269 more words


Cozying Up By The Fire Really IS Relaxing, Study Claims

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – On days like this, many people just want to curl up in front of a warm fire and relax.

That feeling of relaxation might be more than mental, scientists now say. 108 more words


The Public Sins of Men: the Private Sins of Women

This is a comment I made on a recent post. I thought it was worth elevating it to a short post.

” Yes, social conservatives seem constantly to underestimate women in a sense. 361 more words

Wolverines Give Insight into the Evolution of Greed

What is greed?

Greed is often defined as the intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power, or food. Although we usually associate this unseemly characteristic to humans, it is readily apparent that animals can also be greedy. 942 more words


Understanding Emotion from an Evolutionary Perspective

Guest post by Dr Helen Clegg

One way that emotions can be understood is from an evolutionary perspective.  Evolutionary psychology considers whether psychological mechanisms, such as emotions, are adaptive.  620 more words


Games, Meta-Games, Meta-Meta-Games, ....

One problem in seeing life as a conglomeration of games is that sometimes we are not all playing the same game.  We might think we are playing the same game and only later realize that the other involved were using completely different rules and were aiming for different goals.  992 more words

The Game Of Life