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Correcting Steve

Much as I admire Steve Sailer, he does occasionally overreach, as here:

“English Puritanism tended to have its roots in areas settled by Scandinavians, such as the Danelaw region in eastern England” … 102 more words

Get your heresy at The Unz Review

Here are some of my comments over the years at The Unz Review. The site claims to be “A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media”. 73 more words


Imagine the following scenario: You have arranged to go for a bike ride with a woman from an online dating site. The date was organised on the back of a few laconic messages: too narrow a set of observations to make any viable predictions of each other’s personalities, idiosyncrasies or foibles. 1,385 more words

Laughter and happiness

Laughter has evolved over the years. In fact, researchers have recently plotted the evolutionary trajectory of laughter over the last seven million years. Laughing, they believe, may have evolved from apes “play-panting” two or four million years ago in response to things that happened around them. 280 more words

Kindness is evolutionarily wired into us

Great short video on the neurobiology and physiology of compassion and kindness by Daecher Keltner. Really worth watching!


"i have penis envy"

“i have penis envy”: the latest search to find this blog.

Vitruvian Woman

A P-Curve Exercise That Might Restore Some of Your Faith in Psychology

I teach my university’s Graduate Social Psychology course, and I start off the semester (as I assume many other professors who teach this course do) by talking about research methods in social psychology. 1,043 more words