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Some more reasons why belief in God is probably not a trick of evolution


One of the most powerful arguments in support of God’s existence is what is commonly known as the “moral argument.” The current form of the argument dates at least as far back as Thomas Aquinas, and is still widely used. 763 more words

If a guy can look like this, what excuse do girls have?

Seriously, it would be interesting to magically become a woman for a few weeks. I wonder what the most surprising thing would be about it? 19 more words

Fäulni'scheißemenschen: Ego Disease—Morality & Value (Part I)

There is no such thing as time—it is a metaphysical, human construct. Despite theories about time travel and space (all of which are built upon the presumptions of certain contingencies as being true when as much evidence exists for their being false), “time” is not there and there is no movement. 756 more words


One reason why belief in God is probably not a trick of evolution

This article from NPR represents a typical argument made against the existence of God. The argument is buttressed by a relatively new discipline known as sociobiology. 592 more words


Review of Why We Get Sick by Randolph M. Nesse, M.D., and George C. Williams, PH.D.


George C. Williams (1926 – 2010) was an influential 20th evolutionary biologist who is associated with using an adaptationist (or functionalist) perspective to understand the evolution of the traits of organisms. 1,274 more words

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Break in a virgin if you want to be a happy husband

If you don’t want to end up with a woman like this:


then make sure you marry a virgin and make an impression on her. 126 more words

Mean Genes by Terry Burnham and Jay Phelan

I stumbled upon this book in a rather embarrassing way. Unlike my grandmother (I am a child of the internet, after all) I never browse in the library. 396 more words

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