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Because they look cuter

This is yet another attempt to scare women into not wearing high heels.

I don’t imagine it will make much difference.

The reason can be seen in the bottom right hand corner: with the two pictures of women wearing flats and heels respectively. 75 more words

Sex roles and shoe advertisements

This is an advertisement for shoes on display at the local shopping centre now.

Aimed at trendy young things, it nevertheless contains many elements of the traditional sex roles: 72 more words

Why human societies dislike female sexual promiscuity - an evolutionary explanation

Throughout human history men have needed to control women’s sexuality.  When women have a baby they are 100% sure that it is theirs.  For nearly all of the 200,000 years of their existence, human males have never really known if their child is truly their biological heir.   694 more words

Genetic Explanations

Notes on Bullshit: 1. Evolutionary reasons

When I hear someone talking about astrology, homeopathy or one of the countless conspiracy theories that people buy into for some reason, I think to myself: “Why do people believe in bullshit?” 149 more words

Science In Literature

Game of Thrones: Queen and Pope edition

One of the best things about the immensely successful TV historical fantasy series “Game of Thrones” is that it mixes a healthy dollop of reality with the fantasy. 996 more words

Skipping and Jumping For Joy

Seeing a young girl skipping this morning reminded me that it is one of those behaviours that children and women do, but rarely men or older people. 221 more words

What are the other pieces of evidence that refute evolution?

It is possible to delve into the details of many of these pieces of evidence, but the principal ones are the following:

First of all, contemporary science has conclusively proved that animate matter cannot emerge from inanimate matter. 164 more words

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