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Suicide on the Social Savannah

About a year ago now, I was in the shower or something, rehearsing what I’d say to someone if a certain situation arose. I realised that I was often planning what to say, how I’d say it, and who I’d say it to. 1,474 more words


Mark Remond thinks women are "intellectually ... superior to men"

Mark Remond writes that women are “intellectually … superior to men” and should be obeyed by their spouses.

I suppose we have all the evidence of women dominating in science, maths, philosophy, engineering, over so many generations. 32 more words

How Not to Be Ignorant

Hans Rosling is probably my favorite optimist, both because he bases his views on huge data sets AND he’s a hoot. Here’s his latest TED Talk. 28 more words


Can novels change human nature?

A study by evolutionary psychologists claims that Victorian novels instilled and promoted values that lasted for generations in British readers. The Guardian states that characters like Mr. 107 more words

Breeding beautiful people

This peculiar article, (h/t Bob Wallace) which I have trouble believing is serious, claims that red-headed people are now so derided in the West that many of them desperately seek out radical Islam. 297 more words

The Bimbo Chronicles

I had hoped to interview “PhD Bimbo” further. She is an Australian girl who is doing a PhD and wants to become a “bimbo”. But she seems to have “gone off the radar”, perhaps distracted by real life. 1,365 more words