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Post Of The Week - Saturday 18th October, 2014

1) Memory, The Hippocampus And HM

We’ve had an interesting week in AS looking at the multistore model of memory. In particular, it has been interesting to look at the link between the model and current research into memory. 792 more words


Going Ape

The above video is well worth a look. It is entertaining and instructive, especially for men.

It is also free of political correctness.

Some points asserted: 112 more words

Gene-Culture Coevolution and Bioethics

The natural and social scientists, philosophers, and policy-makers connected to the SBC for Bioethics are dedicated to a discussion of the ethical issues surrounding the revival of the application of evolutionary theory to human life. 326 more words


Adoption and Alloparenting in the Animal Kingdom

Adoption and alloparenting: the costs and benefits among a variety of species.

Briana Cushing

The Colorado College

Keywords: adoption, alloparental care, cooperative breeding, kin selection, parental experience, reproductive errors… 2,272 more words


Introduction to Psychology

The Basics

Psychology is the scientific study the human mind and behavior. It is concerned with all aspects of behavior, including thoughts, feelings and motivations underlying that behavior. 331 more words


The Real Threat of Ebola

The largest Ebola outbreak in history is happening right now in Africa, with the first confirmed case diagnosed in the US just this past week… 901 more words

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