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Subordinate Sex

Subordinate Sex

His and Hers

A guide to personal conquest

by Derek Ellis

Professor of Biology University of Victoria, British Columbia Canada

I am writing a review and criticism of this book because it is simply so amazing on multiple different levels. 1,655 more words

Alpha Male

Buddhism and Modern Psychology : My Observations!

You know those times when a sudden small realization brings this immense comfort; a small link that you missed or perhaps a thought process you skipped. 1,076 more words

Why men want to hurt cute women

I have long noticed this phenomenon:

Cuteness inspired aggression is widespread“.

“An aggressive response to cuteness, it appears, it “completely normal.””

I think it also applies to men when they see a cute woman.

Another study that supports the Red Pill

A study reported here found that men find “nice” (responsive) women attractive but women are not initially attracted to “nice” men.

“A responsive person is one that is supportive of another’s needs and goals … Men who perceived female partners as more responsive also perceived them as more feminine, and more attractive. 31 more words

What does Evolutionary Biology have in common with Astrophysics

At first glance, evolutionary biology and astrophysics seem to have very little in common. However, they are united in that they suffer from similar fundamental predicament: The difficulty of observation and experiment. 2,181 more words

Hard wired 21: Emotion and morality

In the previous post I made the claim that emotions drive our behaviour and that morality is in fact much more self-serving than most of us would like to admit. 568 more words

Hard Wired

Do people only behave morally when they're being watched?

Imagine, if you will, a game. There are two participants in this game, of which you are one. You are the ‘dictator,’ and as such are given a set amount of money which you can share with the second participant, a complete stranger who means nothing to you. 627 more words

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