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Inside Preview: Evolve

Evolve hosts the Inside Preview this week.

What Is It?

Evolve is the next title from Left 4 Dead creator Turtle Rock Studios. Turtle Rock is looking to revolutionise what Left 4 Dead started. 158 more words

Inside Games

Real Divide - Part 3

What is the real divide in the church?

When one views the Bible as merely written by men; when one believes as we evolve, what God has said evolves as well – then the same one can indeed conclude evolvement continues still, and what God has revealed, once and for all – “Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.” Psalm 119:89 – is instead, a wisp and a whim. 569 more words

When your opinion matters is when..

.. you find your words posted on the biggest PR platform from Romania! (for example)

You feel part of something, but even more important, that your opinion counts, for someone in this big universe that we’re living! 225 more words

I Am Me

New Games (Finally), Joystiq With A Q, More Evolve DLC Drama

“Finally! FINALLY!” I have been heard to yell out in glee this week, as new games that are worth a damn have finally been released. Don’t get me wrong, its been nice being able to dip in and out of games like Titanfall and Mario Kart 8 and not have to think about the new releases I’m neglecting. 1,007 more words


[Self Discovery] Nine Ways to Raise Your Personal Vibration

Vibrations.  They’re more than the physical projection of minutiae, or the oscillation of air molecules.  For as much as they occur around us, they’re simultaneously emitted  1,781 more words