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Gratitude is good for you!

Do you want a happier disposition, boosted energy levels, a healthier body, and improved relationships?

Here are just some of the benefits research shows that you can receive by being grateful. 157 more words

Elements of the Soul Purpose

One of the aims of life is to learn lessons or challenges. Unless you are a young or new soul the chances are your incarnations will have fewer and less harsh challenges in order for you to learn. 452 more words


I exercise......Why am I not Losing Weight?

Last night after a class I taught there was conversation with a group of people talking about – “I work out 3-4 days a week and I am not losing weight”. 524 more words

Evolve Alpha.

Howdy folks. So a couple of  weekends ago we got a little taste of what Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of Left 4 Dead’s… 772 more words



There is nothing more powerful than love.

Nothing more powerful than truth.

Nothing more powerful than God.

What else on the planet can penetrate the thickest walls? 47 more words


Food for thought on the intuitive mind

Most people are so consumed with searching outside of themselves for direction, #validation, and #understanding, that as a society we have forgotten that we already have all of the answers we need inside of us, via our #intuition. 174 more words