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Spelt and Orange Salad - Farro con Arance

Whenever the word ‘salad’ gets drawn into conversation, I immediately think of lettuce, rocket/arugula and green, leafy ‘things’ and associate it with Summer – because that’s when salad used to get eaten, i.e. 343 more words

Italian Home Food

Top 5 Natural Hair Words Every Natural Should Know

When I first became natural there were so many words and phrases that I didn’t know and/or understand. But after a while I began to catch on rather quickly. 246 more words

Garlic-Lemon Kale

I am going to tell you the truth… I am not a big fan of raw kale, unless it is juiced or in a smoothie, and even then I need my dose of lemon to cover the taste of… Dirt? 285 more words


Parrillada de Verduras

Easy and tasty veggies in 3, 2, 1… Ready!


   Probably the easiest way to eat lots of veggies -and if you want, only veggies- in one meal without sacrificing taste. 251 more words


Greek Marinated Chicken

The husband and I made this with the Greek Style Potatoes and it was absolutely delicious!!!  Enjoy!



Sunday Salad

So, it’s late morning on a Sunday. Yesterday, you knocked out all of your chores for the weekend. The house is clean, the shopping is done for the week, the laundry is done (less the folding, because I’m fairly certain no one washes, dries AND folds their laundry all on the same day), and now, your Sunday can be devoted to whatever your heart desires. 439 more words


Pan Braised Fennel and Ricotta Starter

Fennel is one of the least beloved vegetables in my family.  It will get nibbled at if a dip is in the vicinity, and it will even be appreciated in an orange and fennel salad – but that’s about it.   350 more words

Basic Techniques