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Olive Oil- Can you tell the difference between extra virgin and ordinary? Maths can!

Time for this week’s QJART!

Linking Chemical Parameters to Sensory Panel Results through Neural Networks to Distinguish Olive Oil Quality

Cancilla JC, Wang SC, Diaz-Rodriguez P, Matute G, Cancilla JD, Flynn D, & Torrecilla JS… 419 more words

Artisan olive oils: when bitter is better

There’s nothing romantic about tasting 15 great extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) in a day. It’s brutal — an exhaustive exercise testing our olfactory and gustatory senses for traces of herbs, fruit and plants, and the four essential tastes or feelings: … 840 more words


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Awal keracunan Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) ini  gara-gara baca thread Olive oil (minyak zaitun) di Female Daily. EVOO ini banyak banget manfaatnya, selain untuk makanan, evoo ini sangat baik untuk kesehatan dan kecantikan. 298 more words

Interpreting an Ottolenghi Cauliflower and Hazelnut Salad

My lovely friend in Boston recently made me a present of Ottolenghi and Tamimi’s ‘Jerusalem’ and a what a welcome gift that was; if I hadn’t bent over backwards to buy the book in the first place (it was first published in the United Kingdom in 2012), it was because I knew at some level that it was the sort of book that could ‘wait’.   922 more words


Klhoe's olive

Olives and Olive Oil are the basic components of the Mediterranean Diet, which is considered as the perfect example of the best balanced nutrition, while no one denies its effect on the health and long living. 49 more words

Olive Oil


An olive-oil-rich diet is not only a good alternative in the treatment of diabetes; it may also help to prevent or delay the onset of the disease. 10 more words

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Epidemiological studies suggest that olive oil exerts a protective effect against certain malignant tumours (breast, prostate, endometrium, digestive tract, …).It has also been reported that an olive-oil-rich diet is associated with reduced risk of bowel cancer

Extra Virgin Olive Oil