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Having fun with a Ghost Box

As many of you know I have from time to time done paranormal investigation. Well, yesterday I got my first “Ghost Box” which is basiclly a digital fm radio whose scanning function can be set to scan without stopping on any station. 39 more words

BPOE Ghost Hunt September 27, 2014

Saturday night, I went on a friends and family ghost hunt at a BPOE Lodge (Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks) that was hosted by a local paranormal research group. 1,232 more words

Old School house recordings and photo now posted!!!

I know I just posted a bit ago on social media that hopefully tomorrow I would have it up. I managed to get some time just now… 95 more words


Four Reasons You’re Missing The Best Candidates

by George Blomgren

This article is inspired by a fantastic article written by Dr. John Sullivan. My version covers some different territory.

Employers often talk about the cost of bad hires. 536 more words


The dreadful heartback

It has been about a year and a eight since I lost a friend to cancer. She was a brave soul who endured agony before she passed away.. 762 more words


Phantom booms: Those menacing noises in your head

Almost a year ago now, I was walking Mutley the dog .. it was a bright December morning, before all of those snowstorms of the winter time struck. 817 more words


The tunnel was great last night!

Adam and I had blast last night. We got a ton of recordings, not so sure about how much video we got however…. We ran into two other random groups of people with us and we ended up having one group join UA for a bit on our investigation, thank you Dylan, Kylie and the other two girls there for the help u gave us… It really helped out. 47 more words