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Ghosts and Spirits: Is There A Difference?

Ghost captured at Bachelor Grove Cemetery, Chicago, IL

Throughout history humankind has feared the unknown.  Long before the written word stories were told of unseen forces, both good and evil, that lurked in the darkness. 598 more words


EVP's and Digital Recorders: What You Should Know

Many consider the holy grail of paranormal investigation a full-bodied apparition captured on video or even in a nice clear photo. Now don’t get me wrong, that would be cool, I would love to get evidence like that myself one day. 823 more words


Are We Creating a Paranormal Drought?

For any of you who still follow this website, you are probably wondering why our evidence has come to a complete halt even though we are now living in one of the most haunted places in America. 1,369 more words


Is My House haunted?

There is a great deal of talk about paranormal investigations lately. Numerous shows are broadcast back to back on a variety of cable channels, each with their different twist or focus. 2,420 more words

Thoughts For Today

In the matrix(ing): Pareidolia and beyond

When reviewing evidence post-investigation, staring at photographs and listening to hours of audio can play tricks with your mind. It’s totally normal. But understanding and recognizing these tendencies of the human subconscious is essential in order to avoid mistakenly classifying examples of matrixing or pareidolia as evidence. 489 more words


New Hampshire

Sometimes you just have to see things for yourself – you can’t get the whole picture any other way. First hand accounts never properly set the environment, photos can lie, and phone calls don’t provide the kind of details and salient descriptions you need to gain a true perception of something. 626 more words