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Haunted Culver City and The Tower of Terror!

In his latest video, Scott Markus takes you inside…

The spooky elevator that inspired the Disney ride The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (while terrifying Connor Bright)! 102 more words


X-Mas Pith WNMPAP [White Noise Mentalism Performance Art Poem]

NOTE: The performance art known as Mentalism is the theatrical display of feats of acute abilities of the mind that can be rationally explained, guised as supernatural intuition by many popular Mentalists who call themselves “psychic”, often with fine-print disclaimers stating that they are “entertainers” to avoid legal responsibility in the event their “psychic revelations” fail to foresee their customer’s resulting criminal behavior… such as spousal homicide stemming from jealousy of suspected infidelity, or delusional stalking motivated by unrequited love’s obsession with a supposed “soul-mate” who has staunchly rejected them. 1,483 more words

Orbs: Spiritual Messengers or Vehicles for Spirits?

One of the perks of hosting this blog is the opportunity to communicate with people worldwide. Hardly a day goes by when I do not receive a photo of a “potential orb” from someone, somewhere in the world and I am grateful for these opportunities to expand my research. 792 more words


Complicated Creatures

Here’s a dream. I walk down the stairs to my mother’s basement, and there are two cots neatly made up. Each with brilliant white sheets and pillow cases; each with a bright red blanket – one is turned down. 698 more words


Ghost – Loud + Strong (Sally Golding)

“Sound recordings taken from a flexi disc containing a dialogue about past life regression, and vinyl library sound effects, were reformatted as optical sound waveforms by recording into a 16mm sound camera, hand processing the film, and contact printing the resulting waveforms into a composition for live performance. 161 more words

Paranormal Investigation of the Sailing ship Star of India Part 2

                                                                In part 1 of our investigation of the Star of India, we found ourselves pitted against the hierarchy of the ship’s line of command. The spirit of the Captain was being reluctant to communicate with us. 2,621 more words

Pareidolia Killed the Paranormal Star

This is the last in a series of four blog posts on science and the “paranormal.” I hope you enjoyed the series and please let me know if you have any thoughts on this topic in the comments below.

544 more words