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People sometimes think I’m crazy. That may be the wrong term – “out of my mind” sounds more palatable to me. “Insane!” is just unkind, don’t you think? 695 more words


Extra Bonus Weird-But-True Story Redux


You know, these weird things in my apartment have always been far apart in time…maybe once every year or so.  So today I had banished “the case of the mysterious dresser” from my mind for that reason.  534 more words

Open door conversation with my husband

My husband and I were home tonight i was in the living room he was in the dining room about 18 feet away he was at the table paying bills..I was watching T.V……there was a bang…. 279 more words



Hi all!

Well so sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been under the weather and just drained.

I was trying the EVP recorders for your phone and I have to say so far I am disappointed. 176 more words


What Should We Expect?

Just exactly what should we expect from “the paranormal?” It’s fairly obvious that some of us expect to be thrilled or even frightened, and the larger questions of afterlife and spirituality go basically unnoticed. 704 more words


Public Perception & Profitability

Evidence shows that a well-established Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) builds and enhances employee engagement, leads to higher retention rates, promotes loyalty, and increases productivity and profitability.  427 more words

Reverence for the Majesty

One of the more successful investigations I’ve ever been involved with took place at the end of August, and since it’s a private investigation, there’s only so much I can share right now. 723 more words