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What Should We Expect?

Just exactly what should we expect from “the paranormal?” It’s fairly obvious that some of us expect to be thrilled or even frightened, and the larger questions of afterlife and spirituality go basically unnoticed. 704 more words


Public Perception & Profitability

Evidence shows that a well-established Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) builds and enhances employee engagement, leads to higher retention rates, promotes loyalty, and increases productivity and profitability.  427 more words

Reverence for the Majesty

One of the more successful investigations I’ve ever been involved with took place at the end of August, and since it’s a private investigation, there’s only so much I can share right now. 723 more words


EVP test and other things

Hi All!

So sorry for the late post, I’ve been busy with school and suddenly got sick. I think I have hay fever or getting the flu, one or the other. 343 more words


Now for some weird shit

Below is a link to the latest video I posted on our freaky paranormal  youtube channel. We’re getting quite a few videos on there of the evp sessions with the ghost box and this week I hope to do a session at camp chase and hopefully Greenlawn cemeteries. 15 more words


Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

For those who have not purchased a copy of our Halloween issue one of the articles was about ghosts and paranormal investigations. Included were links to our YouTube page where some actual EVP recordings are available for you to listen to. 37 more words


Yakmala: Sex Madness

Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from all the slickly-produced big budget crap, and watch some non-produced no-budget crap. You know, the kind of movie that treats a single in focus shot like the rarest of unicorns, whose dialogue is swallowed by a crackle so loud you’d swear Paul Bunyan were about to shame-eat a colossal bag of Cheetos, whose plot is somehow less interesting than that… 1,316 more words

Projected Pixels And Emulsion