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Let’s get this post over with since it’s the first thing that anyone asks now when I say I’m going to Africa.  “What about Ebola?”  “Aren’t you scared?”  “What do your parents think?” 369 more words


My role with Amplify Governance

Since I’m a civil engineer studying transportation planning and volunteering with Engineers Without Borders, most people assume I’m in Africa doing something to do with roads and infrastructure.   656 more words

International Development

EWB’s Organizational Structure

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) has an organizational structure called a venture system.  Each venture is its own semi-independent entity and EWB is the incubator.  The venture’s members are responsible for its direction (under the umbrella of EWB’s goals) and securing funding.  140 more words


New Colonialist

I need to clarify my usage of the term “new colonialist” or “neo-colonialist.” I don’t mean to belittle the term by using it sardonically – even though that’s exactly what I’m doing. 527 more words

International Development

Agric Students Learning From and With Farmers

Ask any extension agent, any good extension agent, and they will tell you that they have learned a lot from farmers. Not only do extension agents teach, train and build the capacity of farmers, they also learn… 442 more words


Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Haven’t heard of Engineers Without Borders(EWB)? It’s not just Doctors Without Borders with engineers, but it’s a whole community of people (who don’t have to be engineers, although a majority of them are) that creates systemic change in third world countries. 442 more words

Engineers Without Borders