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I’ve never been more sympathetic to those who cut themselves than I am right now. It feels like somebody stabbed me and just can’t let go. 48 more words


Assessments in many forms.

When you offer a friend unwanted advice, you run the risk of devaluing their situation and how they feel about it with quick fire solutions that just seem so simple. 542 more words


5 Year Unniversay

It hit me just now that tonight would have been our fifth anniversary. That it has been five whole years since I my offer to share a bag of grapes with you at work turned into the deepest love I’ve experienced. 448 more words

Haley Kral

Me and my friend 'split up' today

I’ve had a few break ups recently. One was with an ex who finished with me by text over a year ago without an explanation. He popped up again and we talked face-to-face and we were both truthful and non judgemental and continued the breakup by email later that week. 261 more words

Journal Entry #14


9:00 PM

There’s not much to say on this frigid night. My day was simple: I went to work and, oh, wait one minute! I just remembered, my ex called out of the blue. 294 more words

Just Journaling


We really had a good friendship, and I feel like I’m ready to find out if he would be open to being friends with me… I know its been just over a month and surely I’m not over him in that time… but the only way of truly knowing would be to just put myself out there… really though, to avoid total catastrophe… I have to ask myself: 774 more words


Day 44: Sensei drew a vagina on the blackboard. 水曜日・2014年10月29日

Halloween’s right round the corner, and I have writer’s block. I noticed this when I picked at my split ends for five minutes writing “Day 44″. 1,582 more words