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Denial is a powerful thing.

I think I’ve been in denial about something that’s glaringly obvious to Dr K. Not only that, but another fellow blogger, the lovely BDLheart ( … 1,901 more words

Meet my ex: the continent of Australia

When things ended badly with my Australian ex boyfriend, everything Australian went down the toilet with him.

An entire continent is ruined for me. Before him, it was just another place. 666 more words

Ok, ok ok. Blog time.

I think I have been exhausting my writing ability because of school and other things, but I feel like I need to… spill everything out onto the keyboard and into this text box TODAY. 411 more words


Last Straw

I’m just dying to come up with an end-all, searching for that one thing that would make me turn my back on you for good. There has to be something so extreme that it would break me so thoroughly that I cannot heal it. 461 more words


396 days to turning 35

I spent a day doing nothing.

And I had spend quite a couple of such days in the last few years.

I texted my ex to check if he wanted to visit the chiropractor as he was having discomfort in his shoulder and my neck was feeling out of sorts. 203 more words



So I’ve been a bit quiet lately, mainly cos I had so much uni work to hand in but I’m all done and I’m free to have fun and games and be happy and live! 408 more words

XY Problems

Remembering him comes in flashbacks...

and¬†echo’s, tell myself it’s time now, got to let go, but moving on from him is impossible when I still see it all in my head,¬†burning red. 445 more words