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Review: Return to Homecoming Ranch (Pine River #2) by Julia London

Sigh. I wanted to love this book. I liked some of it, like the romance, the realistic struggles of Libby and Sam, and the changes happening at the ranch. 131 more words


Do not take it personally if he moves quickly on to someone else because he prefers a quick fix over inward reflection. Do not take it personally if he cannot bear to be alone with himself.  

8 more words

5 Reasons Why Your Ex is a DONT

For my friends still hung up on the assholes (or bitches).

1. He broke your heart. Now he wants to make amends? Now he wants to make things up to you? 316 more words


Survey Results: Can You Ever Really Be Friends With an Ex?

In a new survey, people are split on whether it’s truly possible to be friend with an ex.

51% say no, exes can never REALLY be friends.  70 more words


Diary of an Ex-Girlfriend

I have spent the last couple days making myself as busy as possible to avoid any form of wallowing. Whenever I feel a lump welling up in my chest, I pack the next few hours doing chores, errands, shopping, gym anything to keep my self pre-occupied. 1,196 more words



A beautiful girl
dark hair and blue eyes
I have neither, so of course, you’d rather
have her instead

She lost her dad and quit her job… 136 more words


The Gateway Drug

Dominoes is not the gateway to my vagina.

I was having a conversation with The Special Mexican about Richard…because we’ve been playing Dominoes(via the Domino App, mind you, not even in person) every day and she compared it to Marijuana – being the gateway to other drugs. 70 more words