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So You're An Ass

I honestly don’t know what to put but I thought that would suit the post. Any who last night was not a great night but sometimes they happen when you have trichotillomania sometimes you have minor set backs but I can’t count it as a major set back because there is not spots of hair missing. 745 more words


You Can't Choose Who You Love

“Do you still love your ex-boyfriend?” “Yes.” Why was my answer so immediate? It has been 3 years…. 3 YEARS! What was that? Why did I say that? 672 more words


Till there were none..

Here a little update from yours truly. These past couple of days have been.. hectic. To say the least. Somehow I have managed to go from three secret (secret as in I decided to hide them from the rest of the world) admirers to absolutely none. 563 more words


I feel for her!

So, my bestie has been going through a rough-rough patch and I continue to remind her I’m here for her. She can turn to me when she feels like shit. 606 more words



I’m stricken by anxiety right now. All I want to do is get in bed and sleep. Instead, I’m mentally climbing the walls and wishing there was some way to switch off what I’m feeling. 248 more words

FIRE TRUCK! - Belle - Confession

I’m your average: customer service worker, married, mid-thirties, two kids and infertile.

I was never a whore in the classic sense of the word. Ex-boyfriends and ex-lovers were always my kryptonite.  640 more words

Sex Stories

Sometimes I make stupid decisions

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through Facebook I’ll run across my ex boyfriends posts, lately they seemed depressing and I know he struggles with depression so I thought I’d check on him. 288 more words