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It isn't you. It's her.

I cannot explain how much I love this. Check out Totally Jessifiable. Thought provoking.



Aaaaand I’m back, The pit of despair well below my feet, but the sky still well beyond my reach, but I. AM. BACK.

I have painfully, deleted him from my skype, steam and twitter. 486 more words


to my ex-boyfriend.

I was reading thought catalog and saw something to this effect on it. I expected it to be more of a ceremonious goodbye rather than a spew of how badly the exes suck. 680 more words

The ex

Well to start off everything, my ex totally inspired me to write this blog. My “Mr. Perfect” turned into the most hellacious experience of my life. 994 more words

Lil Dicky: The Skype Interview

“Do you want the D?”

“Are you ready for the D?”

“Do you even think you can handle the D?”

These are three questions I can’t wait to hear a hype man ask the crowd before he introduces internet-phenom rapper… 180 more words


50 Shades of Pain

I’m an award winning ranter. I mean I should get a freakin’ medal for all the venting I have done in my life; and I’m not talking bronze status. 935 more words

Sleep is the enemy again.

Again, I find myself terrified to sleep. The nightmares are back with a vengeance. The other night, I dreamt about my ex, again, making me do all sorts of horrible stuff I didn’t consent to. 187 more words