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Having Nightmares About Old Boyfriends, Never Good

I have been having nightmares about old boyfriends.

This is not good.

Last night I had this nightmare that one kept chasing me and I was trying to hide and avoid him, and it was scary and horrible. 181 more words


Forgiveness is never late, nor is it early. It arrives precisely when it means to.


I am dating my second boyfriend ever in my life. He’s the best of my world–but that’s another post.

Not to be terribly self depreciating, but I was definitely not cute for the first 17 years of my life and only marginally so for the following two. 602 more words

My Life

Review: Scorned (From The Inside Out #1)

by S.L. Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is not a pure romance story. This is what happens after love gets ugly and the road to recovery. 147 more words

Book Review

Letter to my Ex

Dear Ex,
I’m not going to pretend like we didn’t have a good time together or that I didn’t love you. I won’t act like we are strangers or that I don’t know all your secrets. 327 more words

i'm so f-ing frustrated.

I made Kendra and Preston go to dinner with me on Monday so we could discuss birthday plans. It’s my twenty fifth birthday and between work and trying to make Brady fall in love with me, I haven’t had a chance to plan the extravagant ball I’ve always envisioned. 798 more words

marriage? nah.

it’s monday, and i had a super long weekend, void of the drama that has shaped my reality as of late. good, right?

a few things dawned on me this weekend. 467 more words


The Ex and Facebook

Today was a pretty chill day with the exception of my ex deciding to randomly message me on Facebook after two years of not speaking with or seeing each other. 195 more words